For The First Born Son Of Adidi


The town crier has lost his voice

from the gathering of clouds

the great one has called a meeting

and asked why the waters fall on only this roof today

from their eyes, upon their roofs.

This same song sung by the night

the silent dance taught to still

to steal our feet from the footpaths

footpath that led to the market square

where we smiled and laughed

as we drank zumunci to the heart.


Is there no market today?

No chattering or jeering of happy children too?

Hmmmm, is this music too for us to dance?

that the drummers have misled the drums

to beat thunderous noise that evokes the bad masquerade,

shall our doors find their frames and lock?

what is this thing that is lost?

I thought the only fighter that fights

is the one who understands the language

spoken by the ground,

so when his back romances it

we shall cheer with tears.


Hen ka’at a goe, gurum goe na poe ni ka gong.

you have become the hunter

watching over as we prey (pray) the creator.

this voiceless song you have indulged our lips

will never be forgotten,

this dance shall our bones draw maps on the ground.

For this battle you have being summoned alone

we remember you for the victory we have called upon your name.

as you always led the battle always and become

a blinded wolf of Song Kurmi.

teaching us to hold good eyes

and bear soft hearts.

Carry our greetings as you always bore

and tell them all of the stories we shall write (right).

Rest well Miskoom, we will now tuck in your bed well so you can sleep

this is a small piece for you to rest in peace.

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