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Feeling: Loneliness, courage, attraction, depression, envy, happiness.
Object: Door, mirror, rock, table, chair, bucket.

The door of loneliness.
A mirror of envy
A rock of courage
The chair of depression
A vase of attraction
The table of happiness.-Daisy
Feeling : kindness/shame/confidence/dismay/fright/guilt

Object: Window/hand/pocket/blanket/pillow /tongue

1. A window of Kindness
2. The hand of shame
3. A pocket of confidence
4. A blanket of dismay
5. The pillow of fright
6. The tongue of guilt. – Leon
Feeling : comfort, agony, anxiety, fear, affection happiness

Object: bouquet, oven, pillow, pit, bed, door

A bouquet of affection
A pillow of comfort
The pit of agony
The bed of anxiety
An oven of fears
The door of happiness.-Hijab Gurl
FEELINGS; Shock/Lonelines/Contempt/Jealous/Pain/Happiness

OBJECTS; Needle/Curtain/broom/Mirror/Fire/Rose

1. A Needle of shock.
2.The curtain of loneliness.
3.The broom of contempt.
4.The mirror of jealousy.
5. A fire of pain.
6. A rose of happiness.-Omolola
Feeling: Paranoia /arrogance /sadness /hurt/confusion/shame.

Object : shore/chain/face /colour /body/plate.

A shore of paranoia
A chain of arrogance
A face of sadness
A colour of hurt
A body of confusion
A plate of shame. Hypermind
Gladness /Pillar

A Bucket of pain
A Table of Joy
A Bottle of calm
The Pillar of gladness
A Bed of happiness
The Book of desire. – Sonia
Feelings: Anger/shame/fear/pleasure/fury/merry

Objects: Ladle/oil/helmet/mirror/branch/lantern

A mirror of merry
The branch of shame
An oil of fear
The lantern of pleasure
A ladle of fury
The helmet of anger – Rudolph
Feelings: Despair/happiness/fear/doubt/courage/calm

Objects: chair/pebble/shoe/table/spear/cup

The Chair of despair
A Spear of fear

A Cup of calm
Table of doubt

Shoe of courage
Crystal of happiness- OracLe
FEELINGS: Weakness, envy, surprise, hatred, calm, loneliness
OBJECTS:Hand, capsule, casket, binds thorns, claws

The hand of weakness
The capsule of calm
A casket of surprise
The binds of hatred
The thorns of envy
The claws of loneliness. Tee2emm
Passion/ hatred/ admiration/surprise/joy/depression
Table/ clothing/ box/ book/car/seat

A table of passion
A clothing of hatred
A box of admiration
A book of surprise
A car of joy
A seat of depression. – Hybrid

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