I am the weird sleepless dreamer,
Who sleeps so darkness can become dimmer.

I anticipate the drowning date

So in waters my dreams stay afloat,
Bigger than the Titanic shadow.

I dream so my dreams are left alone,
In the land where dreams are never gone. – Leon

My languid body stretched on a sofa
But my mind was no loafer

I built unicorns and farms of corns,

Exotic fruits, herbs preserved with sulphur
Indeed my fame and wealth were super

When i wake reality will come,
And i realise i never left home. – Omolola
I saw a red locket,
Hang freely from his neck in his jacket
A pungent wreak from the creek
My attention like a sword drawn
I heard a noise, I could have sworn
It appeared I was alone
The intruder was long gone. – Hybrid
I am one whose shadow lost its colour,
when sleep ripped life’s choler

My fantasy was quoted a heresy

when my effort wore a skirt.
I died yes, but I am again birth,

Or am I still catching fun?
As this place feels so spurn. – Rudolph
My eyes hate the glimpse of sleep
Yet a path through which adventure is cheap
Like playing guitars on moon and tars,
Merging its chords and appeasing the god.
Kingdoms I ruled, treasures got;
All gifts of dreams though,
Decoy aside which life is tough. – Bamvy
Dreaming even as I walk
The gates to reality I still stalk
Come sun shine or wane, it may even rain
I will wait by these adamant gates
Further away reality seems to fade
Dreaming is cursed not the beauty I read
Reality seems a better book to read. Tee2emm
To the snow-capped hills of the West
I searched for validation and a nest
A relieved honour nestled in glamour
Shielded from the heats of distant homeland
Shriveling dreams into dust in plant;
The remnant of hope is never buried
In the cold crypt where knowledge is fried. – Desmond
Awaken newer roads
To ease these forced loads

I will not dream, will not ford this stream!

Find another disciple
One, over whom you have control, ample

So see false visions as a gaol
With naught in sight, no goal!- OracLe
I was once a dreamer
Whose heart got sold to a charmer
One eye lazy, the other one glazy
Reality haunts with a vicious fang
sending me fleeing with my heart in hand
Now i lie in the street flood
Clutching to when we never brood.-Vera

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