Uncut Diamond

uncut diamond

Though cold comes home with shivers,
Some stones don’t bend to builders.
Rough or raw edges or not,
Cut clean or not, they don’t rot.
Prices may move up and down
But buyers still stalk her town
Fine filtered uncut shapes. Rocks. – Leon

I bathe, bask in innocence
Run and ruin all insolence
Pre precious state and naive
For you force me to act vive
No form, no voice, know no void
To ground and grind me avoid
Stones of stones are hard to mould. – Omolola

Rough rhymes into every end
Fault follow through perfect bend
Cut,clean, clip, chip with finesse
Seek this shimmering princess
Glazing gem now seems worthless
Beauty beneath is priceless
Life lessons sought to refine. – Vera

Rugged, rough, raw at first glance
The know nots gave him no chance
Judged, jettisoned for hia hood
Careful to wish what you would
Time takes true stock of it all
Bid bye to pride less you fall
Rough, raw, the shine is within. Tee2emm

Broken, burnt, fragile but bruised.
Drawn dotted roughly not cruised .
Certainly cut controlled thoughts.
Frankly fair unruly dots.
Crystals, carats, cubic craft
Diamonds determining draft
Proposed proposal? I do. Hypermind

Glazed glory grow steep to end
where welded wish wore stipend.
Shall sharp wounds bleed in this sight?
and divide day drunk from night.
What is new but broken old?
As soft silence slice this fold.
Let light leave used suns and stones – Ruddapoet

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