Price Of Peace


Take to the streets and make war
Shed sweat still and bleed what bore
Start fires to free flames of ease
Call names, share shame, let breath cease
Return to cleanse the clan’s fate
Restore remorse at the gate.
What was was the price. Forgive. – Leon
A sealed shut mouth spits no mist
Tell no one who we just kissed
Cunningly my conscience speaks
Best bought secret, closet sweeps
Guilty trips are thought the least
Friendship needs no rotten feast
Plenty price for keeping peace.-Vera
A tie to tie all lose ends.
Bending breaking rules all bends.
A paying price for a piece.
Pennies pained afford less peace.
Wars sold scolding every lie.
Claims cliched counts every cry.
Venting vents very peaceful . -Hypermind
From free for all to bondage
To time’s taut bonds and usage
Taught tolerance to nausea
Fights fought to hold nostalgia
Blood is paid to purchase peace
People pillage for a piece
And silence brings no real ease. -Seun
Trade hate, hurt and blame for love
Break bars, sacrifice a dove
Sow seeds of tolerance and peace
Let guns go and bombs too please
Dig deep graves for past grudges
Make moulds to mend burnt bridges
Wrongs written in sand wipe with ease.– Tee2emm

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