Beauty From Beast


Beauty!Beauty! Here is thy beast
This ash,a symbol of our feast
That all should die at North to free
This beauty that lives within me to find her East.

Carry, bury me under wood
Exhume me after bad kills good
Little by little i shall ask
That you show thy grace,lose thy mask, as beauty would.-Leon
Let’s get this straight, you are beauty.

Attainment of you is lofty.
Switched at birth, you are all mixed up.
You are a work of art,beast top up you crafty .

Pretty you seem but ugly out.
Why turn shades? I can see your doubt.
Beautifully painted horror
You are beauty as the mirror should be about . Hypermind
Tales told of a lost darkened soul
whose heart was wrath, death and like coal.
His inhumanity was cursed,
in blackness, misery now pursed his ugly tole.

Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and me
sorted out scrolls to plead for thee.
So a seed was planted inside
and when it grew with the tide, it was poetry. – Rudolph
Oh king Nebuchadnezzar maim.
For mocking God a dreadful aim.
Turned into beast wasn’t a feast
To be eaten by monsters, least of man became.

Beauty from God,he did not die.
No sickness,pile he bidded bye
Covered in furs,could explain cause.
Seven years humble,God did pause. King restored high-Rachel Charles
She was the colour of dry mud
Her skin was matted with dry blood
Her senses had travelled last June
The animal in her, a dune unmoved by flood

She travelled with natives of rage
His longing drove him to a cage
He forced his seed in her with harm
The seed became a healing charm, precious passage...-Omolola
A lion suddenly chirping?
For how long have I been sleeping?
Something must have gone very wrong
His roar was one of death’s best song, not this pleasing

That luring smile calls for a pause
Try to decipher every clause
Surely, every bait leads a trap.
Seduce me with this charade, snap, reveal your paws. – Tee2emm
Orgre by night, beauty by day
Coursed to roam through the earth that way
Like batman in a super suit
Mirror, mirror play me the flute, in it calm lay

This tale is old as my birthday
Venomous was what the sooths say
A beauty has acquired beastly
Rebrand this stale story sweetly, to hold hearts sway. – Vera

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