blue wings

Its a world I know much too well
Where I have roamed, so I can tell
Tell of priests, soldiers, poets too
Gods, men or patriots, I know too of how they fell!

This story tingles like a bell
It has no end, ceaseless, a bell!
Patriots don’t fall, they bear our cross!
Kings, Patriots, their Kind, march across, beyond death, Hell!-OracLe


Wherefore we have sinned and fall short
Days are nights for weekends to sort
Let them play wrong and fight remorse
This fence i shall protect of course, to stand in court.

Cities and towns, streets, cul-de-sac
I shall sweep clean; put dirt in sack
Wear days of glory like medals
And in pain, make your recitals, to bring you back. – Leon


The depth of this love in itself,
Is unclear that i doubt myself
If the land should mutually give
Then maybe the land could forgive my loathful self

My name, my pride is love enough
Even though we are treated rough
I will chant your pledge as i weep
Still the land is a bias whip, her love is tough…Omolola


Arise O sleeping sluggards,Now
The time to fulfill country’s vow
You say I do,yet perform deeds
That will counter your wanted needs,hands strike the plough.

Performing pledges placing palms
On corrupted chest, evil balms
Landlords laid on grants,smiling banks.
Pleading guilty not guilty ranks high tension calms-Rachel Charles


Right hand across my chest, I pledge
Faithfulness e’en over the edge
Matching in the sun and in the rain
To shield her from all ache and pain, war we must wedge

In my chest, you’ll find her heart beat;
On my shoulders, her royal seat
Her songs will not part from my lip
We must always match hip to hip to be her feet. Tee2emm


Claim to obey Clarion’s call
Alas they let the nation fall
Lazy,proud, clueless with no brain
Waiting for wealth to pour like rain, still they stand tall.

Destroyed, they hide under cover
I don’t want my child to suffer
Rise act fast leave a legacy
Love her in truth not just fancy, in peace, stronger.-Hijab Gurl


The call’s sultry and soft and warm
And oft forgot cause there’s no storm
Still drizzles wet and drops cut rock
The time has come step off the dock here comes the storm

So quiet runs the call of time
No horns are blown. The bells don’t chime
So up. Get up. Don’t wait the clock.
Before time falls under the lock awake door chime.-Seun


Blood ran to make this soil richer
Before a green and white banner
In line we chant without our myth
Mirthless prayers for a new birth we all render

In a ritualistic manner
Pledges that warmed now run colder
Our heroes past haunted in graves
Grotesque figures in suits craves for wild bender.-Vera


With trees of green, these roots hold red
grounds that sees the skies which it bred
memories of heroes so gone.
Their labors which has now begun to stich the thread.

I am born of this green and black
home of the brave both front and back.
If my blood should ever touch death,
then know there will be a rebirth, surprise aback. – Rudolph

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