The sound of peace when my sadness needs you
The prick that punctures silence and kills blue
Please play! Please play! And free my soul
And make my heart dance on a pole
Making my being dance like stringed puppet
Please play and sweet my feet off the carpet

I love the sweetness a cello vomits
It drives me a-top Chelyabinsk summits
Belle ferme! Belle ferme! Strum me your strings
And cure me of my desiring
Play some jazz, some blues and some reggae too
Belle ferme, tonight will be just me and you. Tee2emm
The Antlers swing through clefs for the sound ding,
Dong upon the notes refs called a sharp ring.
Ding Dong! Ding Dong! These keys are fat
Careful, don’t sound like the bee, flat (b-flat).
Red and white colours, the bearded man swings
Ding Dong! Onto the sky on hoofy wings.

When I laid with you dipped into my soul
you touched everywhere, sipped from healer’s sole.
Burn me! Burn me! Be free like fire
Turn to my sorrows and ash-hire
As you once did when you held onto hell
Burn me! Let eyes fall into beats and vell. – Rudolph
You compounding trouble’s mass hysteria.
But exempting double for Victoria.
Clip clap! Clip clap! I needed this.
Tie up all lose ends, what are these.
Crazy innovator, was you a boy.
Clip clap! Lemonade was just a decoy.

Our Souls on revival, no aggression.
This ancient survival sounds possession.
Soul sail! Soul sail! It’s a mileage.
Me in a melody of age.
You are all I want to be all within.
Soul sail! But survival still comes between. Hypermind
The words she chooses can awake this sleep
Her makeup and choice man sings lip to lip
Back up! Back up! Words come alive
Her notes get high to dip and dive
Though they say the way we play confirms it
Back up! Makes one put her loop on repeat.

Strings are attached to amend chords broken
Lines are cited to tend notes mistaken
Chin up! Chin up! Please bite her notes
Let this ad-lib attract your votes
Songs were the healings for Dorian Grey
Chin up! Let her melody dare to say. – Leon
There’s a lot of neat fire through my being
With my ears still on fire, it is freeing
Blaze on! Blaze on! Unnerve with bass
Burn gently, with a soul of glass
Let the elements tune with sound to flee
Blaze on! Your raving tingles give me glee

Waken my mind with soul, indie and Jazz
Make heads nod, make each sole tap in rapt razz
Boom clap! Boom clap! Your Pure mark thrives
Vibe an echo in me that strives
I was looking for a soul love affair,
Boom clap! Erykah Badu led the fair…-Omolola

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  • Lucy

    January 10, 2017 at 6:43 am

    What a joy to find such clear thnnkiig. Thanks for posting!


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