See who comes, comes running with staccato
Em… Tee, never boring, from the Plateau
our home! Our home! Let’s make merry
cast off hate, sweet babes to marry
peace is key, so key in or be called foe!
Our home we defend like a staccato!

I would have fed my soul with rage and hate
yesterday, but am whole, not an ingrate
forge on! forge on! Take back your life
resist the horde, go seize the hive!
there are those who must come offering strength
Forge on! Offer no mercy, stock the hearth!-OracLe
A burning wild fire that torches the heart
It wears the sun a hat to ruin our start
Hate hurts! Hate hurts! Love is the balm
Let’s walk hand in hand, palm in palm
Love appeals more, its the sun in the night
Hate hurts, it leads us to places of plight

Roses are cheep but guns are always dear
Where gate ruins even nuns shovel in fear
Let go! Let go! No gains to hate
It always ends, a fatal fate
Where deep ditches we dug swallows us hole
Let go! For no human can survive sole. Tee2emm
There is a war that seeks to end this life
Two worlds that mend these licks that stain this knife
Pray on! Pray on! But pray no more
Fall to one knee to feed this sore
Hate found home in love’s Shame tabernacle
Pray on! To die before the miracle.

But should we fall asleep before sunrise
Let’s stay awake to keep open our eyes
Stay down! Stay down! Hate brings the flu
What poisons one heart can kill two
These rainy days need to wet forgiveness
Stay down! Hate still stays with love more or less. – Leon
And so the shock came, leaving her near dazed,
All that she saw was being knocked and crazed
Stop hate, stop hate! Love them again
They don’t stop, have they got no brain?
Experience they say is best teacher,
Stop hate, forgive and start living better.

They hid behind the mask of tribe, their fate
Hatemongers start the task to build up hate
Wake up, wake up! Don’t hate no more
Hating only makes your heart sore
Fill your heart with love that hate has no place
Wake up, kill with love not weapon, at pace.-Hijab Gurl
Disguise yet set ablaze diluted feelings.
Not so far fetched away to more dealings.
Feel me! feel me! I am not pain.
So little left with no much gain.
Ride away let’s bury all old hatchets.
Feel me I can sink in souls with machetes.

You are emotion, all’s good few love you .
Desires in motion, you are yet so true.
Heal me! heal me! I’m covered in dust
Clean me up, do you not know trust.
Disorders not far away from bothers
Heal me away from this tide to others. Hypermind

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  • Tee2emm

    August 2, 2016 at 6:23 am

    Great job guys


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