It is like a black coloured cloud
That reeks of an old sewage sucked into a cloth with perfume sprayed on it
Accompanied by loud and subtle voices leading nowhere
As you seek cover from the fresh feeling of goose bumps at the back of your head
Because it looks like an old haggard apparition without a neck
Depression is that feeling of feeling nothing – Jennifer Dafwat
As blue as the skies at 2am
Triggered by a fowl tongue
In the voice of a loved one
Along with it;an odour of locust beans
Bring about dead butterflies
Sadness; pitch blackness.-Hybrid
disgustingly wishing you are grey,  but the green in you brings to me a tear.
Happens when the first ray of light splashes through my eyes.
Vibrating and buzzing like the bees when hit twice.
Smells like strongly brewed coffee with poison.
Restarting depression, light weight sadness, detachment,  who thinks it doesn’t??
Fear, spurring how I feel when I know we might never be.  Hypermind
Orange shades in Yellow-Sun
In moments that mate with high spirits
Like the cry of a born babe…
Freesia. Lilacs. Gardenia
Ecstasy. Beatitude
Glee. Cheer. Seventh heaven. A good way to die.-Leon
Oozed out weed,gave me a yellow blood
It turned my vein and reeked me of grace
Dying in silence,languishing in fame
Then I perceived a foul   incense,it clothed me with garment sleeves
Vibrated jerkily,I behaved,staggered,my knees bent,ankle numb.
Shame,A slave I foretold.-Rachel Charles
shining through my mind like the yellow sun.
As quickly as I know I’ve conquered night,
in a hush hush silence
no stench of rot, but fragrance of wisdom.
Now! I am words in tune to write my knowledge to the world.
Happiness – a blink of an eye known by I – Rudolph
Blood-like when unrequited Love hatches the need for vengeance!
Bang! Bang! Like violent mornings
After sex smell of Lucifer
Anger, like forbidden apples falling, forlorn!
Anger! – Silvia.
proportionate blend of blue, black, grey and brown
it’s like when you’re simultaneously struck by light and darkness
Then follows the loud sound of pestilence;
The sweet bad smell of déjà vu
Stuck at the crossroad of ignorance and awareness
Anxiety feels like it doesn’t feel. Tee2emm
Ashy, Grey dust and rust!
Every time I pierce my soul-mate!
Crackling, exploding! Boom! bits of Spirit!
Acrid pong, of burning flesh!
betrays me, like serpents and Silvers!
Nested on my hair like a gang-gang red crested cockatoo
Each time a string is strung, i dance to its irksome tune
As it grunts like the howling of a storm
More pungent than an open sewer
It is the plague of a riling madman
What more can ruffle my feathers if not anger? -Vera
Like hot iron,looks red
When loved ones hate
Like arrows piecing the skins
With carcass’ fragrance
Stirring up detestation
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