Attending factors
Bring to mind this necessaries
Could it be the maker made one impossible to
Date one without the other?
Every form of existence, me thinks
Frolics one with the other -Jennifer Dafwat
As water flows into the Nile
Blood flows the same from the heart
Cardiac like a river bank
Divided through streams; the veins
Explicit yet simple as water is blood
Forever and a day.-Hybrid
Amadi has gone to the great ponds to see Achebe,
bearing bonds built by blood; brotherhood.
Cheers of a new Abiku, should his death cry,
dry lands will taste rain from flesh and skies due.
Every year we should pray for the mingled blood, sweat, tears evolving
from the words they birthed with an elephant who claimed the Iroko’s fall – Rudolph
Amidst my arteries.
Behold it comes with life,
Channeling existence through my heart.
Disagree to agree a friend to all exist.
Enemy of thirst; dirt purifying,
Frankly speaking this is clear and crystal.- Bamvy
Apparently analogous though nonidentical
Bashing heads on the walls of veins.
Creating pass,through veins and lakes.
Depriving death of breath.
Embellished with red while the other goes natural
Facing the reddish looks on his face as he bleaches the ground. -Bangwan
Aim as accurate as Achilles
Beware, Battles of bold breeds begets bloodbath
Consumed consciences, crowns collide and colonies crumble
Dream dear but do not dare death
Eventually we end up epistles in its envelope
For on fluids we float, one is just thicker. Tee2emm
Adherent inquired
Blood prickled intensely
Carrying flow through
Drowning in our ruins.
Everything now falls in place right??
Fear sinks in water,  gushing out as blood… –Hypermind
After the rush of blood, after
bursting blooming petals, watery
caves, and conquering earth!
Despite the toil and sweat
exploding in bits of righteous
fever, what then? God of my fathers? -ObstacLe
As i turned,  I stared
Beautiful! Simply beautiful
Complete, blood and sweat
Day,  nights… The last stroke
Everything made sense
For the first time – Sonia
Alpha planted his foot
Beta followed suit
Carman fed from hoof and cart
Dalai Lama found creeks in Tibet’s part
Every name they combine
Fled neither one of water, blood and wine. -Leon
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