The name father calls the ‘unserious’, lovely dreamer
Who is the daughter of Abundance
Does she love a good book, her bed and family in friends?
That makes the dreamer who fears, laughs and cries all at once
She happens to be a writer, talker and learner
She comes from a town that trades gold but shares living with Abuja.-Dafwat
The careless, extravagant and quiet even to himself
Helen his favourite of 5 siblings
Do I fear death, being misunderstood, and hate?
Blame the beauty of life, love and family
It’d be nice to scratch my itching soles on Caribbeans’ Beach sand
Away from Jos, my hilly home
Bot.- Tee2emm
Found in Edum through Mathias, Idagu’s son
A copy of picture, frame and wall
Does he card with hearts for fun?
Only if the cards fall where the hearts are won.
That fires, smokes and sticks kill the same
But faith can where love has lost a name
Mathias.– Leon
Who is a carbon copy of her father
Daughter of Bonny Kaburuk
Lover of books,  movies and music
Does she fear the dark, failure and betrayal?
Yet she is strong willed,  resilient and loyal
A radio junkie, entertainer and writer
Who would like to see the world,  travel and swim in the sun
Amazingly intoxicating, and a little spark to life.
Feels depressed,  not basically cheerful and sinks in her self pain
Who still need the truth to unfold lies told by people?
I do but still fear I might not make it to the finish line and lose my soul.
Would love to see me as a child,  watch the sky turn faded blue and still be the one.
A resident of a twisted universe,  existing somewhere in Riyom
Dafei. -Hypermind
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