Happy Birthday, Girl!

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Happy birthday jennyraes
May the stars light your path today and always. – Vera
Your face is favor to defeat of grace
Let this unearthing storm hit you with a warm embrace. –Leon
We run this beautiful race in laps
The last is over, another just begun, run with fun.- Tee2emm
From an oven of a goddess life bore you as a star,
Further than the east wiser men must trace you on this sky.-Bamvy.
I know stars and rains know of your song
but the rhythms and splendor, only me can tell the tale – Rudolph
Let’s cake for you but none of us can bake.
Let’s write for you instead so you know we love you right. –Hypermind
Happy birthday to a warm wench
Celebrate you wholeheartedly. -Rachel Charles
Its your birthday, pretty Jenny
poetry is what I wish for you and me. – OracLe
If she was close I wouldn’t have said this.
Jenny is far, so to her I will give a full box of wishes.  Bangwan
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