Life Is Beautiful ( A-R-T)

Your laughter is like music
A mixture of the drums and an acoustic
Soft and smooth, gentle, angelic
Water in your eyes whenever you are sad
Seems like they gather to play lake Chad
Amid the breaking of your heart
Your beauty is all shades of art
Your body is like a canvas
We can paint words in many stanzas
Life is beautiful!- Hybrid.
Your face is the magic of fine lines
Sketched atop a torpedo of nines
Set to blow up the mind’s mines
Where you there the first day of creation?
That is rhetorical because in you is set a nation
Never has it been fully grasped
Always been coarse and rasped
Probably why your strokes
Puts shade on the blokes
Life is beautiful! – Jennifer Dafwat
Is it the double bass?
Or the conga beating at a different pace
Life is assigned another face
Talking drum
Swaying waist of maidens taking rum
Or is it the snare
That the men can’t help but stare
Mona Lisa is art but with the Tsuzumi
Am knees down in prayers like inna azumi.
Life is beautiful.  Hypermind
Stories, tales, myth with a stroke struck
this feeble mind unto an awe, eyes in luck.
Da Vinci, Angelo, Jesus, in a color truck
As precious on canvas, signs and symbols
made and born, hymns on cymbals.
When I see you lay in ink
Fingers have a world full to the brink
when we pose for the shots of the master
pieced to give breath, as a falling star.
Life is beautiful – Rudolph
Three forms appear in a house;
Body, soul and spirit, with the mind as the spouse
Then comes the pet; a place to live for the louse
Offsprings shoot
Family trees uproot
Grand entrances exit
Contests, frays, and the steaming crowd wrecks it
Shades and colors climbing to space on the chart
Many we are, but one is the color of Art
Life is Beautiful!- Leon
This poetic image in your mind i will form
For with this words through voice I will perform
This poem like African thunderstorm
For this is visual carved like sculpture
Planned and constructed like architecture
Disposing smile on your faces
As words untie the world’s shoe laces
Making it free for expression
for Art is everyone’s profession.
Life is beautiful. Bangwan.
It sits in imagination of man
Slowly led by muse with a plan
Nature drives it around like a van
Colours vomited with vigour
Dance weds rhythm sprinkled with rigour
Festivals fleshed with jewels of passion
Ignited with exaggerated fashion!
Knitted with immaterial strings
Nature conveys these things…
Life is beautiful. – Omolola
Memories of when my spine got thrills
as we molded pots from ant hills
on the blank canvas, my mind spills
I am no queen of hearts
I know not how to savor tarts
But word arrangement and sound
In the arms of poetry I’ve found
To calm my palpitations
gently kneading art to my imaginations
Life is beautiful. – Vera
A string at a time
Each note stretched to rhyme
All settles in a melodious chime
Portraits of words on paper
The music from a sculptors scrapper
The oil on canvas that strums the last string
The  Jacksons on the moon to make souls sing
Mona Lisa still stuck on a frame calming hearts
What’s the colour of boring? a world without arts
Life is beautiful. Tee2emm
Creativity hunts with bow and arrows
Straight to minds bone marrows
Vocals tickling emotions; outshining sparrows
Dan Maraya’s kontigi please gods in shrines
Ife’s head of bronze bore symbols and signs
The mysteries of craftsmen’s languages
From the walls of Zaria; a tale of ages
Wordsmiths are cousins to bards
With brushes on canvas; history safeguards
Life is beautiful.- Bamvy
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