Life Is Beautiful (N-A-T-U-R-E)

Life is beautiful
The sun falls on a hill and crumbles to gold dust
We just watch and drool with lust
Mountains and valleys, lands and seas, weave of beauty
Stars-filled nights, worshiping the moon like a deity
The fine fluffs that floats a-sail the sky
The balance seems the product of the square of chi
Birds and beast that beautify the field
To the sweet notes of their songs, all hearts must yield
Life is beautiful. Tee2emm
Life is beautiful
Roasters crow, signalling life to wake
The sun raise life to seek daily cake
Up and down, all of nature go, churning out essence
All race to excellence
The lucent sun chides souls to thirst on
Skies float, time race, leading the night on
Stars plunge the earth to dark grandeur
To all creation nature is poseur!
Life is beautiful. Lola
Life is beautiful
Wind ruffles the composure of every leaf
In beautiful unbelief
I love the rain the most
Even better when it comes as frost
Tingles and chills, warm and fun
How it can be hot; the sun
When it comes up at noon
And disappears at dusk too soon
Life is beautiful. Hybrid.
Life is beautiful
Hearts still beats; air grace the nostrils of men minus fee.
Indeed the best things are free.
Seas breed creatures of different species.
The ground behold tubers; fruits hang on trees.
For food and nourishment.
Perched  birds lullaby births refreshment.
Colored lilies hover the mountains – graffiti.
Rainbow designed sky; so pretty.
Life is beautiful. – Bamvy
Life is Beautiful,
a theme of pure delight.
Words buried in the archive; seed in sight
Canticles of the sun, moon and stars,
a page adorned, knowledge like scars.
Smile, laughter, joy feel the emotion
Stories to tell, some poetry in motion.
Birth, death, live life and see the sounds
feel the colors and love always abounds
Life is Beautiful – Rudolph
Life is beautiful
A carpet of never ending green
And i its self appointed queen
Breathing free, wind of surprise
warmed by earth’s golden paradise at no price
Basking in hues of sunlight
Wandering in a blueish sea of delight
Cocooned in natures bosom
Crooning in its supple buxom
Life is beautiful.  –Vera
Life is beautiful!
Its grey grass green grows garden gifts
Himalayas, hanging hills heavy, handing hilts
Ample acts, arcade arch, archiving art’s action
Ripples red, ravens rule, rare ream reaction
Nature, nurture, Niles now awake
Water, wet, wind, whirl, whaling lake
Life living,  like loving
Bounty bonds, Beauty burns begin
Life is beautiful! – Leon
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