Life Is Beautiful! (F-R-I-E-N-D-S)

Secured Admission  into being her ex
Didn’t see it coming,failed to wear his specs
Now he’s feeling the effects
Exhibited his pictures on her phones
While he Traded her love for stones
It’s a poem not a tale
How his act caused him ail
A friend’s friend following trends
Caught in the act,yet we’re still friends.
Life is beautiful.– Bangwan
Souls alike, tied by more than a rope
Connected like dots up and down a slope
High is the feeling the give; dope
Twin interests; identical, different
With highs and lows but love consistent
You find them in strangers
Having your back like power rangers
There to defend against adversary
A bond that mandates no anniversary
Life is beautiful. – Hybrid.
Souls interlocked,with shouts of joy,we were banging
Heavenly interests like minds got calculating
We danced soulfully,I smiled to earth’s wish singing
Palpitations,the one have been waiting for
‘Excuse me songstress,can I know you more’?
Eyes bewildered,I saw yellow flames that say spark
Whisper from above,ears tingled on set made mark
Yesterday was dim,today is bright smooth morrow
Firmly held her through as we depart from sorrow.
Life is beautiful. -Rachel Charles
Beats of the whole
Knitted into one soul
Love, care, companionship, shared role.
One on the other’s shoulder, we grew tall
Roses on a concrete wall
Comfort of a world we crafted
Grown wild weeds from the moments we planted
The blossoms on this tree called life
With beautiful friends, I am rife.
Life is beautiful. Tee2emm
We grow in time and bond
More than words we act fond
No plays only a perfect circular ronde
There is no tomorrow without today’s heartaches
I’ll cover you; make excuses for your mistakes
It’s no folly it’ll allow me sleep in peace
If we grow old we would have given us each a piece
Love, friendship, camaraderie
Life, joy, even some boundary
Life is beautiful – Jennifer Dafwat
Tabitha, strengthened for my weak days
Blemished days
Immaculate days
Blooded by soul
Dignity as our tole
We’ll be steadfast
Love of a larger clast
No chirping around like crickets
Our willed secrets
Life is beautiful.  – Omolola
With Silvery eyes I see her
Close up or from afar,
He said ‘help me sir,
I fear my heart is foundered at sea!’
I raved ‘let her be
Stand firm friend!
Love, surely has no end!
She’s yours, dear friend, be bold!’
He cried ‘Oh hold sweet heart! Oh hold!’
Life is beautiful! – OracLe
Too real and strong in bond
chosen and birthed with time and fond
our meeting flowing a secretive pond.
Some nights, burdens are just a ritual
crazily true, weird bits but still mutual
Imperfections covering this common ground
when that is the mark of our little mound.
No differences, no math, our friendship, truly art
tell a story from the heart and split us not apart
Life is beautiful – Rudolph
The good, the bad, and the weirdo
Loyalty was their credo
All three cats, no hero
They shared everything they were supposed to
From winks half crooked smiles grew
All kiss and tell
And grow on you like a spell
Me, myself, and I a threesome
The time we share is awesome
Life is beautiful- Vera
There’s more to it than give and take
Cliques that stick at regimes of kpomo or cake
Some are real others fake
Thumbs up a yes when all say nope
Their smiles dotes hope
At moments when high is low
Fast or slow
They carry all along
A night without their touch feels so long
Life is beautiful. – Bamvy
Where do i begin from?
Good friends are worth a million sum.
So few you would owe
So many owes you so.
For the few who would fight indeed
A thousand appear in need.
One becomes an enemy
The other remains as family.
Life is beautiful! – Leon.
Soul mate!
United fate.
If you were a man, we would date.
You bring me ice cream
When I hurt and want to scream
You my laughter,
Heart beat and sister
I love you
My confession is true
Life is Beautiful. – Sonia
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