Hidden Fears


Willow! I remember you!
Remember your love for country
Do you know Willow,
your country can no longer hear?

Willow! I remember you!
The sweet notes you composed
Oh, Willow, I fear, we are deaf to war!
Fear, our children will not be blind to fire! -OracLe
Alas who has begotten you?
But death and its throng of peace
A slice apiece of the taste of defeat
Rest I pray in the shape you require

Alas who has begotten you?
But the mad man who knows not what you are
You mask as an emissary of caution
But fear you only produce death – Jennifer Dafwat
Tutankhamun,  it was you!
You walked in Aten’s race
In obscure hieroglyphs
And planted upon graves

Tutankhamun,  it was you!
Was it true that many faded
For Amun,  living as death resumed?
To sleep beneath stones they used to build? – Leon
Tsasunyi na, the curtains fall!
Homes still stink of this old memories,
especially the notes of your endless songs.
I still can picture the scent of gone.

Tsasunyi na, the curtains fall!
I was told you’d be back this soon
I’m still waiting for dew and moon,
so we have your final poem at noon – Rudolph
Oh, now I see!
The rod on my young behind
The long late night sermons
I still miss the arithmetic

Oh, now I see!
Marauding uncles, aunties and cousins
Clawing from all angles
I’m still that scared child you left that cruel Sunday evening, the 25th of September. ~ Tee2emm
Fiona,It is your love I hate
your insecurity feels secured
You deprive me of my confidence  
Hate you but can’t let you go

Fiona, It is your love I hate
Hate the fact that I love you        
Full of you, but no one can see      
You are the hidden hate of my life.-Bangwan.

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