Ode to Self

Dear darling self. 
Hating is a disorder but you love things you never felt. 
In this confused whirl wind’s dust.
It’s okay to cry a little bit longer than expected over self that’s been lost. 
Broken,  burnt, bruised, shaken off the earth but remember.
Flawlessly,  selflessly  your smile brings back winter in December. – Hypermind
Can I sing to my being?
Yes,let me praise myself
While I dine with the Angels in the Barracks
Trump invited me for waffers.
With words that trumpet swiftly
I am greater than I can ever imagine.-Rachel Charles
I am this sweet singing beautiful hummingbird
I am enchanted by my singing skill
My soul dances to this sweet song my heart sings
I do not flaunt my beautiful feathers nor skilled wings
My phobia for heights is gone
Now I soar over myself, admiring that I am become. ~ Tee2emm
The beauty of my words got men tripping 
Having their eyes,legs and hands raising
Murmuring innumerably
Admiring immemorially
Such was her beauty that made men crazy
No amount of remedy can cure this madness. -Bangwan
On this stage of the world with jiggling cord of lust
I am no red cap god, not like the one who’s lost.
I am one who is infinitely infinite with words,
tested with the bitter testicle of one of Solomon’s wife.
Don’t splash those drops of judgement 
with the cooing dove of gossip in my ode – Rudolph
I am medusa’s gaze
That blood-shot furious orb
Non does dare behold
And remain the same
I am that jiggling cord of innocence
Clanging between your conscience.– Vera
The earth is a ball
It will roll as the sun goes
Smaller than needle eye
Is the stage we have to play
Cackle and smoke earth’s wood and sheet
This Damsel must need Be – Jennifer Dafwat
My soul is the Universe
Come, explore every verse
My soul is everything
My words, the very thing
Swish! Whoosh! Swish!
hear the wind and  rivers sing of me- OracLe
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One comment

  • Minnie

    January 10, 2017 at 6:48 am

    It’s a joy to find soneome who can think like that


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