I need you to fly
I need you to be able to go round the universe
I need you attached to my dreams
I need them wings it’s a heart desire – Jennifer Dafwat
Sweet dreams are made of wings 
They make it easier to land 
When the jingling singing bell rings 
It soars loudly above sand. – Leon
I shall transport you back in time
I shall fly you back on winged words
I shall introduce you to the Ancestor
I shall pierce you with vengeance!-OracLe
With you I can swim in the Air
With you I can be call freedom 
Without you i can only feel the Air
Without you I can’t be freedom.-Bangwan
Broken wings
Broken dreams
Doom wins
Deathly dreams.-Hybrid.
Close your eyes, dare to trust
Beyond flesh and lust
In the blindness of our eyes lies the sight of our minds
Let’s soar on wings of dreams, to escape our mortal confines. ~ Tee2emm
If love had ever soared on wings 
Then it happened in your arms 
With memories caught in moments like now 
It happened in each breath you exhaled till your last…-AP
It would drip by evening
riding on a gentle waft and pleasant scent
the breeze would stir petals against your feet
while I pluck another daisy to sought this bruise.-Bash Amuneni
We are on clouds
Flying loud
Dreams. – Rudolph
Let’s sail to the clouds
On thousands of white feathers
Break now these fetters
Lest it holds us down- Vera
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