I know so many of them
They are my child’s best friends
They cake color her mind
She knows now how to stem
With cells that pet and stalk her friends
She sours when they go blind. -Leon
Faint petals hovering over us in colours,
leafing our yellow smile with scent of anew.
Oh what a relief to watch your glow (green),
with droplets of tears from your blue eyes.
Eerie sounds from the brown womb of gods
reveal royal rhythms riding with RIANTS-Ruddapoet
My clothes are beautiful
My smell is sweet, that’s why you love me
My life has been awful
I didn’t just find myself like this
Days and nights have been cruel 
I stayed focus that’s why I am me. ~ Tee2emm
Petals and roses
Fragrance and bodies
Essence and presence
Sight for beauty
Life for living
Soil for flowers – Jennifer Dafwat
Pretty Petals bloom
This purple hibiscus makes my soul gloom.
It’s my garden soul let me take a side.
Rose or lilies can’t keep you aside.
Let the butterfly ‘s  nation.
Cause my garden soul’s pollination.- Hypermind
This flower is ours
To nurture and groom
It’s petals in hours
Will blossom and bloom
Water it, water life
It’ll stay true to its nature.– Vera
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