You said you need me to breathe
Truth is, I breathe you in, to live
Like Oracles and silvery beings, souls fit into bodies?
What now is this madness about us not being fit? – Silvia.
God! I see circles pouring waters upon my square roots,
and I am but a polygon bounded by circular circumstances.
I am called, chosen, chastised to change T’s into crosses carefully,
but flesh is still flesh, I am but a misfit of bones – Rudolph
I see all in days, months and years
But she sees in anniversaries and birthdays
Days are strung with fears
Fear she’ll be hurt should I forget anniversaries and her birthdays. ~ Tee2emm
I was made to love juices
Until they said sweetness is for heaven alone
Bones are made in different shapes and
Making us all misfits to each other’s body fit – Jennifer Dafwat
You move right
I move left
Wish we can stay together
But I can’t adapt to one group. Bangwan
I was crowned a miss
For catwalk to a king
The Prince gave a hiss
Cause my new name was miss Feet.-Rachel Charles
I’ve got two eyes where others have none
Some say it’s because am the first born
To come around
I would circle the block four times only to end up squared– Vera
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