Smiling faces, happy kids
I saw more, could swear I did
Going here, going there
I saw ghosts, could swear I did
happy me, or at least I was
back here again, back to… let me recall- Silvia.
Scenes from those days replay
Sham roses blossom
Cut short the bliss
Wither, wilt
Seen it
Dream. ~ Tee2emm
She knows, dreams, how its all revealing
SiLvia is euphoric, anxious, awaiting

Kiss me with prophecies!
Entrap me with memories!

Not again! Alas! Alas!
Oh! Come again, pierce me with timelessness- OracLe
This same spot
This same plot
Cloned faces
Cold spaces
This is what…
This what…is not… – Leon
I am you
We were I
Then came you
A redemptive eye
You are we
and we start from I – Rudolph
Can you die?
So I live
Yes you laid
So glad a bye
No more  bleed
My dues you paid.-Rachel Charles
Scenes we recall
Stones that makes us fall

May sound stupid
Like stupid song

Memories we traced
Of Girls we embraced.– Bangwan
The green ball smiled at me
Her orange skirt winked at me
With the knowing of a knowledge only us share
Fierce was the red skirt in full power
Then was the calm seated at the entrance
It had to be that I’d been here before – Jennifer Dafwat
Plain faces
Familiar places
A mental picture
Of a single gesture
Bordering upon a simple thought
With a sinking feeling am reliving it– Vera

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