We leave at sunrise!
Tribulations and nations at war!’
Our leaders Have gone deaf!
They hear nothing of peace no more!-OracLe
I couldn’t find the words to tell the world of my fear
Did I swallow a pill to always start up my tears?
My finding on these pages are  horrific shirts and broken skirts,
but nothing changes about today, not where the sun rises to set -Rudolph
Life germinating from the East
Swallowing whole the nightly beast
The break just ended, time to get back on set
Without a script nor cameras let’s act today’s play-let. ~ Tee2emm
Am grateful at dawn
It greets me till noon
The scorch file I frown
At, gives me a bloom-Rachel Charles
Clean up the mess of yesterdays dust before it sets. 
Lighten up my paths to glide with ease and less of stress. 
So when it’s dark and silent I can rest. 
Only to awaken Sunrise starts the set.-Malvina Patrick
Don’t stop this kill 
Mashed in thick haze
Buried beneath this abominable self 
Do not stop its beaming ray with its sunrise of death.-AP
Take in Water,give out sweat.
As the Sun rises,and donate heat.
For in water you find comfort.
In sweat you find Reward… Bangwan
Loud in the
Silence of Maple leaves
Lord of the
Gifts your staple gives. – Leon
Sun rise for me
Steal this dark away
Hasten thy feet
Keep our plan discreet -Vera
I wake up at noon
My mood grumpy and gloom
Obvious that I missed nature’s bloom
That sunrise that brings light to life – Jennifer Dafwat

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