My First Love
I have been blessed with a million things
One not among them is the gift of great knowledge
One of such missing is the definition of love
I would have wished
By now to be able to tell about the rising and falling of the sun
The grass and the soil’s intricate interaction
How sweat is sucked away from the skin
The magic of the morning breeze
Or sugar to the blood stream
Among all there is to know
One piece of knowledge consoles my soul
There is a class I can lay my life for
It’s the people I call blood and the few drawn to that circle
If that’s what they call love
Then I think they taught me first 
and that knowledge is good enough for me.-Jennifer Dafwat
When we cooed bit by bit
That was when the fire lit
It was no holds barred 
With many strings wired
our strands were attached
At hot times we scratched 
Sometimes on a table
Moods swung when they were able.
But still i fell for you 
Read your messages too. 
About love and hate
And dying for a soul mate.
I will write to you 
Do reply me too
This isn’t to a side-chick
This is to MUSIC. – Leon
What is this feeling that never dies
The world ain’t at my feet my awesome cry
After I did all for you and got tried
You still desire to look me with a bad eye
I am not perfect?
That is the word of a lazy male
For this has made my relationship with you stale
Am just gonna stand  here and wait my love
Cause I know you are gonna come back all as one
After you have drank, smoked and all
With your friends you return like a prodigal son
Forever am here with you hoping
That you return with no leaping
For this is Jesus Christ 
Your beloved one
Who paid a price-Rachel Charles
The first time i set my eyes on you, i was barely two
I could hardly make out anything,  your pictures were blurry
But the sound called out to me and stayed true
To focus on you, i would gobble my food and do chores in a hurry
Then i began to grow and see in colours
Never have i given anyone that kind of devotion
How i would flunk class just to be with you
Not even my teachers whip could hold me back
All those late nights spent
Wondering through different channels
Pool of wonderful memories kept
Sometimes it’s like a pair of shackles
But my fondness grows still
Nothing could be realer than this
For my affection has led to a vision
To see me one day on that same television. -Vera

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