To That Future Someone
I know nothing about anything.
My wedding-planning skill is thin,
I’m not a fix-it man.
I could barely clean the blades of my fan.
Prepare to get a gardener-
Sores make my palm tough like a nail hardener.
I’m sorry i look like the do-it-all kind of guy.
This is my closet i’m airing so i don’t have to lie.
But i’m good at one thing
And It’s called loving
Will i love somebody more?
Yes i will for sure.
But that would be a daughter
Who’d look exactly like you, her mother. -Leon
To you “my day after forever”.
As I promised to how long I will be with you. 
Feel like abiding by these vows make me shiver. 
In sickness and health, I promise to pray. 
For richer or poorer I promise to stay.
But am lost when it comes to you. 
I don’t want to be half loved. 
I crave for a kinda love eternity can have. 
Am a little broken, hope it’s okay 
I still want to have that amazing one or two or three.
Or maybe a little bit more than planned.
A home filled with love and laughter
Be of me, and I’ll be all of you. 
With my soul, body and mind in your submission.-Hypermind
I hardly have a clue of how you look
but I can swear to eternity, I will love what you cook.
I have every reason not to always sleep,
cause you are the sunshine, wake can keep.
You are more than gold, frankincense or myyhr,
more sweeter than the love of honey can bear.
Whenever I think of you, my heart has this soundtrack
It’s a reverb like life running on one track.
Let down your flaws, love them perfectly
We will walk through this shine or rain humbly.
I will write you poems and feed you as an immortal
you my goddess, will tell of the love-religion no tortile.
I will love you even to where there’s no space and time,
and so our children, especially now that all still rhymes – Rudolph
Even the sun wanes at dusk
Life in itself seems a hoax
At some point day becomes night
At some, night bows to sunlight
Beauty sometimes transforms into plight
Sometimes the same thing can be both wrong and right
I will paint you with love into flamboyance
No guarantees, but I will try to tame my annoyance
This same mouth that sings beautifully of love
Will someday slip and wreck the boat
All of these sets us up for the test
But my chest will always be your head rest
I will take off my ‘I’m only human’ garment
And love you till my skin wreaks your smell. ~ Tee2emm
Let me get a pen and sketch you
Sratch that,let me write my view
Get your sight on me  one
Focus on my table that I make for two
Can you sincerely climb a three
For me no wrinkle on my four
Wait,can we play a hi-five
On the matrimonial bed my game in roll six
How about I wind your belly down to peak seven
For my days are a roller coaster ride, none I eight
Hold my hands and make her jealous 
Across the river nine
Lads say there is no perfect man
A fact I despise cause you are my ten-Rachel Charles
Dear husband to be
I’ve been asked to say a word to you
These words may be as fleeting as flea
Having that awkward first night milieu
But I’ll be as brave as possible
Casting off an item at a time
Until I can bring a clean, clear bowl of fresh water full
My desire – to leave no trace of slime
I’ve been asked to write to the one I’ll marry
For you fair one am i seeking to leave the dark
I wish I could put together a better party
I only wish on this road I don’t miss my mark
One day the headiness will pass
That day it will be all love no sass.-Jennifer Dafwat
To the one i will call husband
Wake me everyday with kisses
Do not buy me roses
For i am  an african woman
But buy me a diamond wrist band
That would dazzle any royal
I will adore you alone and be loyal
Hopefully i don’t chew you out
Nothing about me is perfect
I may become wrinkly, my breast may sag
I may throw tantrums and nag  
It certainly wont be your worst song
True love is really what am about
To you i pledge my honour and respect.– Vera
To the one I will marry
In my heart,your thought alone I carry
Trying to change,from my legs to real wheels
So our conversations will one day wear gowns and heels
If thoughts were pair-able 
I will pair ours
In the arms of another
You derive comfort
Though funny
But painful
See you when, will I
Never seen you,but know you are mine
To the one I will marry
Come to me,don’t tarry.-Bangwan

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