Funky Clothes
With no regard for others
All you seem to care about is but another
You walk into a room chatting loudly
Your behavior screaming “kill me”
I think you deserve to know
Your remark about the bloke,
The one who’s head seemed too blown
It sent his ego on a downward spiral
Tell me that earned you a million naira
Even at that was it worth it?
Putting another down to feel mighty
Your attitude is like a dark cloak
Like Batman but only a bad demon
You overall are a funky clothe.-Hybrid.
FCs are fits that are supposed to be worn out
Especially weird types worn when Winter goes South
FCs are a different situation to me
When you wear to look like a cat hiding in a dark ally
Or casually add an accessory
Hoping a pocket-square would set you joggers free.
So over time people wear to look pretty
While some forget they live in a human city
Or some even tear to make it ‘fitty’
And end up looking like a wall of graffiti.
Then there’s the good part
That clearly brings out your smart
To wear, to tie, to wrap to your earlobe 
One day or another they make a fine robe. – Leon
Red, blue, yellow and black 
Where do we find the sun after the rain’s long haul
The party hasn’t started still looking for the disco ball
Colours of the rainbow now gone dark 
Suit, ties, heels, the right beauty mark 
Bright paint and lipstick gone dull
To end this strife we’ll have to wield a heavy maul
Strides we hope will not be heavy and slack
What say you mad man
The world is a stage possible of all glee 
Shall we exchange attires and switch roles
Funky, possible in one lifespan 
Own it and don’t be made to pay a fee 
The world is a stage; beat the drum rolls – Jennifer Dafwat
Glances and second stares
But I was too engaged to even care
Engaged meeting her for the first time
After meeting her too many times
Perfect familiar strangers
Familiarity took form
The pace of blood flow slowed down
Then I realized what she had won for us,
All the eyes in terminus.
It was the funky clothes she was wearing
She knows how to combine weird into great.
So time strolled pass us chit chatting
Staring eyes doing their own rating
Nice coincidental outing, we should do this again. ~ Tee2emm
Yesterday you brought out my Aesthetics
Today you show me how hideous I look
Look beautiful too,before now
But Now I lay eyes on you and frown
What transpire to us
This wasn’t how this affection was
Remember those disco days?
The saddle shoe and Afro Hairs?
You left me for the past
Trying to comeback
Now i have left for the present 
And it’s hard to go back
My cover you use to be,presenting my looks to me
but you never,showed me this funky side of me.-Bangwan
Where I come from it’s hard being funky. 
Let alone wear it on cos as defined, it’s different but cool like kinky. 
But hey these robots are threatened 
So fingers point and noses shrink like I smell of poop. 
Can’t touch this. 
A song to me yet they’re dancing.
Funky clothing 
I play with colours as a covering
My hair is Wooly how’s that sin.
I love to be me as I within. 
My father dresses the sky with rainbows. 
Funky dressing is freedom from within so how’s that sin.-Malvina.
Low waist blue jean
Wide around the edge
Cropped top, not too extreme
High heeled brown wedge
Suits my feets so well
Make-up on fleek
It’s summer and hot as hell
No treat, no trick
My afro wig is jet black
No other can beat that
Silver earrings a semi arc
I hope this party is a blast
With all these crazy going on
Time to dance, the night is young. -Vera
It’s time to freshen up
coils and gel will follow up.
Is it the vans or high – tops? 
Denim on Billabong shirts?
Comes the fubu pants with white sneakers
Moonwalk with polo shirts, hats on afro.
Should we call on Elvis to press our shirts
Or make out brown trousers 
for a Bobby Brown scream.
Let’s feel good and feel fly.
Okay, okay back to the new school pop
With tattooed bellies sweating in a Rudolph Valentino. 
You have to wear em clothing with label on em.
Dash, T.M Lewis, Ray Ban and Nike shoes – Rudolph 

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