These Things I Hide
So now I must confess
I must reveal my weakness for your
laughter, smiles and devotion
Voices of Angels do not rival yours
I must bare the abyss of my heart
At your shores, oh enchantress,
These are the things I hide
OracLes may not be broken
Rethink before you think God weak
All is dust, even Brazilian Mascara
Clothes of celestial silk or purple
Leave death behind when you seek I
Entangle your soul with ocean waves
Lest I become much more
than these things I hide,
The bite of adders, sting of scorpions!– OracLe
That without too many bogus words
We can strip bare, to fix broken chords
That you can sleep less and be alert
And be better and free without a court
To earn you the title,’a friend indeed’ 
To sweat through dry, to lose flesh till seed
For spite to be locked out of a house that succeeds 
And kindness to find the mouths it feeds
That i call us blood today
And say we wet for water tomorrow 
Isn’t there another way 
That we can just take and don’t have to borrow?
The problem with words and opposite is
Who says an opposite means what it is?
To some it’s ego cloaked and masked in pride 
Don’t god your weakness, Leave Eve and Adam’s side. – Leon
Now I am also forced to fast
against my will, my flag is half mast
You lay on this mind in verdant and crazy
Your words are always a series titled happy
should I not listen my poem becomes unhappy
then comes the thoughts I try to figure and go loud.
On paper, on pad, I find the sky and you my cloud
raining I wish soft whispers of my name
Call me today, I get over you and I’m back.
I’ve exposed the fact I like your voice
your face and your eyes, the figure before nine.
if this is the last line, I write for you to be mine – Rudolph
I see you like man sees the moon, stars, sun
Gone even before they come
I yearn to come close
But the sight is best from afar.
I could stay here and stare
But perfume’s essence is inside its jar.
Your words hold my hand;
Stimulate discharge from my poetic glands;
Push the horizons so I’ll expand
Extra candles you burnt to stay up late
To hold my thoughts through the narrow gate
Staying an everglade
We’re running the same race
Each at his own pace.
Not a race prizes, a race to a place.
Winning’s how many cross the finish lace. ~ Tee2emm
I thought feelings  be buried in your write
How I admire afar and hid blush
I fought dancing in your rhythm,am right?
Sincerely,words being serenaded 
You nearly made a wanton out of ME
I forbid to eat the bidden fruit man!
Honestly how  you treat words as scriptures
Gets the best of my ribs to womb being.
It schools me and whispers-you just  learning.
If Bible could be re-written,your words
Would be voted in and your presence will 
give breathe to the hopeless,wordless , faithless.
The fact, your voice is still when reciting
Amazes me to learn more at your feet.
Surely I will continue hiding lush,
The world  waiting to hear the master cred.-Rachel Charles.
I have been featured in a few pages of your book. 
Mostly the character from a distance, 
Watching intently as you speak. 
In an accent resounding as two voices reaching out,
To me and you in one timeline.
So I wonder if she knows how timeless these words are. 
I hear them tap my back in affirmation, 
We in this together.
So when it’s my turn you make the shyness normal. 
Learning to embrace my struggles and unanswered questions. 
Cos I see a part of me.
Seeking the sane things of this life with your insane thoughts. 
On a quest for freedom.
So I  say in this Holy hour
Long live the Idea that forms your existence. 
For deep within I think we’re sisters.-Malvina
Through your piece I love,which I love,we met
Rolling with your voice,carving words
Wearing nostalgia hoping our hands meet
looks far though poetry brought it close
Like a washed clothe inside out you turn me 
Displaying the me,in me to me
Bestowing in my voice a voice
Embarrassing my fright
With poetic cosmetics you made me
Now with my tongue I walk and bounce
The beauty in those words I don’t announce
Sealed buttons,Can’t take off this shirt of joy
On this poetic table now we dine
My crush,my words intoxicate like wine
Dread,fright,Anxiety,terror, horror
You saw though I hide inside. –Bangwan
The things i hide are the things that kept me
From seeming bizarre with my ideas
You know what it’s like to be in my shoes
I hide behind smiles to keep from talking
But each time we talked i bore my soul to you
Every time i open my door a notch,  your foot widens it
I doted on you like a mother does
Your aura did seek my frame to picture
Clearly, our first meeting, our beginning
My old scrappy book fell before your eyes
I bowed in shame but your tender heart spoke
Using your hands to gather the charred pages
How you became the ghost of my present
I hear your hi, not long for my hello
Your words the match that strikes mine on fire
You’ll know this poem is for you dearie. – Vera

Your eyes 
That quiet, piercing, mien
From the distance you seem shrouded 
A sense of belonging only you can claim.
I hear of people your aura has embraced 
The few your silence has spoken too 
I wish to be drawn into your court
And served the wine kings drink.
I may never be able to grasp all of you 
But facets of your beauty I’m blessed with
Is a reflection of colour enough 
Today I am blessed to write few words 
That maybe themed for you
Tomorrow after meeting you 
I hope to still be me
But I hope the wind carries tales of our true selves. -Jennifer Dafwat
I wish, wish, but wishes never do  
To have you close   
To hold you and whisper to your ears
Dreams never offer time enough    
Always in a haste to break us off violently
Fighting our union  
In love we grow taller than yesterday  
Dearest to my heart you remain.        
If  only you knew about 
My concealed feelings for you
About my unquenchable thirst for you 
I wish, wish that wishes
were horses and I, a beggar.
These things I hide from you
God of my fathers
Oracle of hearts- Silvia

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  • ruddapoet

    June 10, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    I am now laughing hard. . .I can't breathe


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