12 or More

AB thought he was a fool
he walked around thinking
Thinking he could go to school
he thought he felt his doubts sinking

AB went to school
the teacher looked like a viking
AB ran from school
He felt his fears rising

Fool! Fool! Fool!
The town heard AB shouting
A magician brought his tool
sealed AB’s tongue, stopped his screaming.-OracLe
I Call you answer
Yet the frequency of this fluffs breaks transmission
So I scream, louder to hear a prayer answered yet unuttered.
I am you yet we differ, the clash of wills makes
me accept the bridge between us Is my attonement
So I need to back off from trying.
My antenna drinks from all channels except for yours
I can’t raise the volume.
So You go right I go left
Hoping these diversions get to kiss in the middle
Left and right, up and down
I mute the noise only to here your laughter echoing I am God oh Ye Man.-Malvina
I have floated through everyday
since the day I last saw your face
Held your hand. Kissed your cheek
I’ve been pretending about a deep hurt
The fear that I may not see you
Hold your hand. Or kiss you again
This fear a void in my chest it’s created
Eats me up the deepest
But I manage…    
A smile everyday                
With this pain
Playing occupy in my mind. -Hybrid
Premium banking

Flash your platinum card,gain a pass
we segregated by cash while the hoard is listed
in an unending queue, scowl at another teller or two
we separated by class pampered just for the right price
see his well-manicured toes gold pen and name prefix note
a lush sofa with snack largesse  Three dailies and live TV shows
just to bring it all home sit back and let these money work
elegant cheers to knowing regard as we babble
of that last stop at Heathrow and the uncanny frisk show at ‘de Gaulle
maybe he thought us too black or plain pissed at the terrorists’ recent jab
we separated by quality of fart
so tell me of discrimination and that skin colour crap. -Bash Amuneni
I love kissing her round lips
Suckling her essence till the last drip
I have kissed her in different shades and skin;
Brown, white, even green.

Her love is always one way; her way
All my visits never gets a repay
And the labour goes without a payday
I’m not the only one she dates, all had same to say

Of all the billions she has dated, she is still a virgin and a spinster.
Oh, I am loving her and hating her.
We have never been apart, today is the start.
Hi, I am Tom and I am an alcoholic. ~ Tee2emm
Vivian, Dess, Gaby (thoughts)

If I stay in this future, writing obstetric patterns of poem,
I will have the page of a willow.
Nina Simone misunderstood black men with music
when she died, music didn’t bury her
I don’t fear any stumbling rock whenever you come to mind.
I am scared of the house that’s why I stay away from my room.
the curves on the door look cunningly attractive
I know once I enter I may just get locked out of haven.
Should I buy an expensive pen or just a pad that translates my thoughts into words?
Victoria should find me mysteriously mischievous whenever she winks at me.
Dorothy was the fleeting muse, until she found her way back.
Grace! Well she’s just Grace, I wish I wrote more about her – Rudolph
When I heard the news of your wedding.
I rummaged my sense of discipline.
I asked myself repeatedly should I kill  to fill my greed?

Why did you lead me when i won’t be led on the Altar.
You avoided me for days and hid at betrayal street.
When friends heard the news of how I got hurt in few by you.
They slayed your entire existence with their words.

My lips you had while my toes searched the wallet.
Foolish genius I am still in love with the memories
I can’t kill,maybe tender fellonies.
The good news is,my heart didn’t tear apart.
Pen and paper, my companion i dart-Rachel Charles

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