Dreams In A Castle

Of sleep in such places i would know not of
Do they come to pass faster; do they fulfil?
Do castles save fairytales or put them off?
Or is that room still the opposite of real?
Million cells combat in one direction
Clearly let loose with no sense of protection
Some to the left and the others to the right
But only one dreamer dares to win that fight

I feed my ears so my eyes could speak
Pray salvation comes in my sleep
Knock knock on the dreamer’s door
What is worth dreaming for?
Riot against war?
Open your minds
Close your eyes
Knock knock
Weak.- Leon

We have bargained this wooden sleep to buy bed,
rode wishes and thought we were riding horses.
Sometimes we believed what the fairy god said,
or assumed spell was bought with heavy purses.
I saw Fiona been locked with the dragon
if I ever rescue her, I’ll use Baygon.
In all of these days, Rapunzel never slept,
until I found the building where she was kept.

Let us go to the land of the stars
and unbind the heretic plan
that when our gods sometimes fall
they don’t just die away.
They travel somewhere
between castles
holding dreams
lies – Rudolph
Dear dream with you I have been sleeping in bed
Spending countless nights turning me to a cheat
With my eyes closed I always see you in refd
Though your face I see,when too much food I eat
Can you please stay?cause I barely see your face
Please stay,I cannot run at a decent pace
Will this me and you come to reality?
Or will it be like Solomon’s vanity?

Why do you appear and disappear?
What happened to stability
When last did you speak to him?
Can’t you two be friends?
Don’t you trust him?
He can make us,
Live in this
Dream. -Bangwan
Let’s fall asleep you say but you stayed awake..
My cup before the slumber was a mixture..
Of me without you,  can I please take this break..
The sheets feel rough on skin, not a nice texture..
Maleficent,  fairy godmother  did this..
I should be Cinderella,  but lost a piece..
So the needle pierce my skin,  lost a battle.
Then I fell asleep with dreams in a castle.

Can’t find me in the castle just frames
Of me existing as tangle.
Still can’t find pieces of my
Long hair which is been cut.
My fantasy heart
Don’t let him in
But roam till
I can
I close my eyes and let my soul touch the sky
Arrays of colours across a blue canvas
Tight shut lids opened to blinding hues up high
Maybe next time I’ll paint my wish in stanzas
Not only royalty resides in castles
Even in a king’s house are many vessels
Albeit dreams live behind brass and gold doors too
In its towers prince charming finds me to woo

How time passes away when we dream
Hurry lest this castle fades fast
Like bubbles tossed by the wind
It lingers no longer
So also that kiss
That brought me life
Just to knife
Me.- Vera
Your old rugged brick and stone walls still stand tall
Time, rain, strong winds and storm have all had their try
But you saw every odd and you survived all
They consider your fortified walls with wry
Your rusted lamp supplied illumination
Tending that baby dream to maturation
Pruning her feathers, wings, nursing her to fly
Fly high to heights she will be the first to ply.

The stars do envy that child you hold;
Hero of legends to be told
Scribbled on scrolls of live bones
In melodious songs;
Myths’ songs of the old
Sang to make bold
These young souls
Of dream’s

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