Let’s Cake For Vera

Uhmmm, this is a calk walk for Vera Bonny.
Her wishes coming through, open up your heart.
I could write, paint it, i could tell a story
A perfect work of art; dunno where to start.
She be pretty complex like a puzzle though
With too many mazes, dunno where to go.
Let’s see our powder hands; let’s cake for Vera
In her fairy dress, call her Cinderella.

Let’s fetch her love from the wine cellar
Clink tips of our glasses later
I’m talking to the baker
Let’s surround this acre
Let’s cake for Vera
Dance soul sisters
Soul brothers
Dance this
May!- Leon

Sunday! A good day to be like the maker
To sit and write, make and repair, watch and learn.
Today! I wear the same shoes like the baker
so let me bake a cake, cause Vera just earn
another year as a crown, call the waiter
so we pop and drink, sadness we shall discern.
Don’t worry about the bills, Leon has it
under control, let’s just make merry and eat.

I have tried to open up and talk
about how sweet I know you are
but you always lock me out
with words, poems and some
complicated things.
I know deep down
you are sweet

This merry go round’s enough for all to ride. 
You on the first seat, no risk just much more fun. 
Your last year took it’s last breath, smile for it died. 
Hope  today leads to a place where dreams are born. 
I will lit up your Candles ‘fore it’s past five. 
The club is fun,  but the pool is cold let’s dive. 
Think of happy things for today time’s not planned. 
Fireworks to end a may day we thought was banned.
Moonshine , but your smile lingers longer. 
If Tee had a voice like my bird
He will pour out my love and 
Bliss and blessings to you.
Worry not,  oven
Still bakes a voice 
Filled cake with 
Much love 

If I were God, I will press pause on today
And let the day linger a little longer
Everything and everyone has things to say
Leaves waving, sun smiling, clouds roar from hunger
Rain drops ache from the yearn to come out and play
Hummingbirds with harmonicas to ginger.
Let’s set sail already, there’s no time to spare
Let the hullabaloo begin, drown all care
It is time to race this track of bliss
From its bowl of refined wine, sip
It’s a moment you can’t miss
There’d be goodies to keep
C’est vrai ça, Vera
As for this time
Sing and sway
It’s your

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