I know you sit in the corners of my room,
laughing at my inarticulate reasons.
Times I say my heart is gold, you make it loom.
Doom with words respite the clock ticks it seasons.
Do you know about the girl with the blue skirt?
The one that made me write when I feel so hurt.
Tender your soft kiss on my sorry fore-head, 
so when we lay tonight you will give me head.
I know you heard my prayer today
and my heart will never disdain.
What we have, no one can tell,
they never know the truth.
It was you, who chose
me with RED cap.
The Poet
that bangs.
Muse – Rudolph

There is no word, no submission,  no release 
Come take,  come stay,  come play,  be easy with me
Quit the contest, let’s write a piece for my niece. 
Who just turned 6 and wants a college degree. 
Alright, that is fast,  but i do understand 
A stone can be smaller than a grain of sand
But i need you to stick around more often
Do be the fire to make this gold plate soften
And when we are done with the release 
Please brother,  please stay,  please say more
Help this gander sauce the geese
Do complete my line 4
Don’t make this flow cease
One is lonely
Two is not
Help me
Sort. – Leon

Must the environment be mute?must it be?
Must the body be one and not two?must it?
Thinking right,feels good,thinking wrong,stings like bee
To myself, I speak silent words I edit
Frown at these words as they come,smile as they go
Same smile you cover your face with, a gringo
We can share thoughts,but can’t think in two’s, why why
We say great thinkers are those whose ideas fly
Opened eyes looking, but not seeing
Loneliness is a companion
Closing your eyes just to see
Ideas outside the box
Makes you different
From those inside
For they are
Stock in 

You’ve always had me at hello every time
Turning my pen on, into a foreign bed
No tiptoeing, eyes seeing don’t worth a dime
Round and round marathon, emotions turn red
Turned high, now you play ping-pong with my passion
My pen, pad, tears in pain of your desertion
Wallowing in this dark place, seeking escape
But I don’t see the skyline, it’s a vast scape
My pen is caught pants down on a pad
Trying to make bastard poem
Trapped in your coined web of ruse
Bastard poems excused
I feel so damn used
Down this damp rue
In this

I remember you, yes pretty eyes bubble. 
My words against yours, let’s lay still in this bed. 
Wake up, break up, let’s draw strength or we fumble. 
Feels pretty to be you,  I will name you Ted. 
I have an example of what we’d be called. 
Not funny right naw, so we just watched and balled. 
Let’s transpose betrayed emotions to that feel. 
Make love on this bed and bore words as kids, deal??
Muse like fuse in such an anger drive. 
How every push widens my lungs. 
Not to breath in but exhale
Words, curved just like poetry 
Not defined but you
Awake all dead
Lost, buried 
Words I 

Pride on rhetoric, hearts to pen bled out ink.
On every letter I put an ounce of mine.
But the writer’s block, of no more can i think.
Her white dress, steaming rear, I see every line.
The kiss, it’s bliss, remedy to ease the stiff.
After just a kiss, feel to fly off a cliff.
From aerial I view, a crystal clear sight.
Now I am of all views, perfect time to write.
All dead stiff like the rigor mortis, 
Only way out, another kiss
To lips of this muse of mine 
Gently I take you in 
Hardly do I feel 
My face, a taste 
Of this feel 
Can steal 
You. -Fifteey

Dear muse,  in your gaze am lost like in a maze
I feel every word you inspire so deeply
in it i’ll stare for hours till am set ablaze
Awaken feelings feeble in me, sweetly
Your thoughts spark up the embers of flaming words
That keep escaping my grip like teaming swords
Let your coolness douse out these flames that shivers
May it still the way my heart gently quivers
My muse, awaken words that amuse
Bringing hapiness to lost souls
That all who read will enjoy
Every phrase written down
Let ears that hear pique
this is my wish
Or prayer

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