Let’s watch out from where these people will come from
We’ll strike a pose as long as we don’t kill it.
We can’t win all battles but let’s defend some
The midnight candles in our tribe must stay lit.
Should they come in their hundreds, thousands or more
These spears will keep distance between us I’m sure
But should they come with gifts willing to marry
Then we shall dance to and after live happy.

Let the message from the bearer come
Let it come bearing any form
We will seek our Queen’s return
These sheaths will, turn by turn
Wear colors of reds
Or will our heads.
So let that
Come– Leon 
Our master did not pick us at random calls
Krishna, Buddha, Mary, priestesses of old,
to guard our lands from pestilence that stalls.
In nights or day we fight till winning unfold
our children will know that women guarded them
From evil, that lurks around untended hem.
We shall wait on men and reveal our true form
but for now we pray that death may find its storm.

And so the tales of the guardians came
swift and strong like the sugar cane.
I heard Mary bore Jesus
then she later chewed death
and assumed through clouds.
I titled this
the three foes
ask me
Why – Rudolph
It is a really ugly picture to see
A bare back suggesting: bare chest, I detest                                                      
I understand the need for you to be free
But your bare back, chest: not in my interest
Or maybe I’m just hating because I can’t
Man up and bare my black butt: not wear a pant
I envy their liberty, maybe or not
I’m stuck in-between decisions, I am lost

This picture prompted an empty piece
So, blame Rudolph, the captain please
Pardon my honest displease
I often have distaste
For things that ain’t cute      
I’m African
Proudly so
But this?
If we can make it this far,why should we turn
Embarking on this,wasn’t one man’s idea
If we share same sight from here i see Bush burn
Crossed lots of cities including judea
Should we let the vision of our heroes pass?
Should we seat and watch them step on it like grass?
Together we can call this accomplishment
In our form he came,made it,that’s achievement

We have invested much to say no
To this task we have embarked on
He has always been faithful
Paying him back with,lies
Breathing in envy
And out hatred
Can we be
Babies ladies from cradle to no treasure.
A prompt is written with you as the picture.
Onion hips but can be seen in your pleasure.
Gave not by touch but foreseeing the future.
You labour hard on the soil, hope not in vain.
Foreseeing you foresee the future not pain.
Bareback, slaying like mistress of seduction.
A clearer view of you chest ends the caption.

You Waist isn’t shaped from a trainer.
But silly it slips through like silk.
Your breasteses on your chest.
Black was called as perfect.
You all go beyond.
Dolph’s eyes are glued.
Not to their
Pain but
Chest...- Hypermind
Nature! When she wears green, she gleams and glitter
She grins even wider in her clothes of dust.
Her flamboyant sun pendant makes her brighter,
When she’s adorn with the moon, men stare in lust.
She is beauty, the only one of her kind
We dread her divorce, prefer her prison; bind
Drooling over her ever renewed beauty
Yearning for the sweet taste of her royalty

Her beauty that spells beauty in full
Her nature that makes wise men fools
Trading all for moment’s view;
A gulp from her fine brew
Passion to renew.
The joy she spews
We stay tuned
Thence found
Standing standing standing as watch guards I call
We protect the infants from terrorists rage
See how ready I am to watch these hearts fall
bow and arrow pierce bad tourists in my cage
Our women won’t be defiled by strange brothers
We watch closely to protect virgin mothers
fortified by the land and it’s promise
My bare chest have survived  wounds,still I promise

Lo, this red hair be not my weakness
I surrender not at the feet
Of strangers when they arrive
With their poison wine whilst
Betray the land with
Kisses of death.
I promise
To guide
You.-Rachel Charles
Accustom to their custom, we shared one spoon.
And their men, so much to say about their men.
The cravings, lust, they will dance to any tune.
Spares we held, spared we none, took them ten by ten.
Well fortified, round our wrists were more than beads.
Wise words we heed to, the gods will meet our needs.
Smell of victory, the giants we conquer
The Land belongs to us now, no more hunger.

We thread upon this new land like sons
Let the children sing songs of hope
The old men shall tell of us
Let them write about us
In books, history
Shall not repeat
Glory hence
Has found
Sit. Fifteey

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