I am haunted by the same old striking clock
and each time I get the feeling I’m so lost.
The recipe for my mood – swings always flock,
around the feet that steps on the howling cost.
Whenever my heart is picked to be starstruck,
I am chosen the most, by clouds as a must
to suffer in what has existed before
men were made, and taught to be gods in the fore.
I am now a shadow of my dreams
a steep end to the cliff you stand.
Even when I find the sun,
my heart beats very fast.
Candidly just leave
I beg of you
I want love,
knot this
fear – Rudolph
Hello fear,  I hope you do remember me… 
Because we was at that shopping mall last week
When those two soldiers woke up a shooting spree. 
Then you walked in,  and your cologne made me weak. 
Gave me your sweat shirts and your swollen bladder
Found an exit top floor; needed a ladder
One shot, two shots, three shots,  four, we should have gone
More shots,  bodies lying on the cold floor, done.
How many more will your shots cripple? 
Left dark behind ambulances
Fretting in front of people 
Loosing their balances
What choice is equal 
To a weak fall? 
Is that all
You got
Fear? – Leon
Welcome to my land,pick up your sword to fight
A monster called fear,a journey for the brave
Some shallow slaves,lazy days though shall all sight
Come wear your khaki and tumble like you crave
To kill,blood shed,battle grounds release sweet sweat
Your minds be ready,wounded soldiers no debt
Helmet worn,leaves adorn attire metal gun
Fear,I spit at your guts,you think I will Run?
I, belted with much admiration
Playing with skill is luxury
I can’t afford,to report
To my creator,Fear?
Have killed your habit
can face any
Fear You
Gone!!!-Rachel Charles
Gone are the days when you only roamed our night
We got used to nightmares and you lost your scare
You have left our nights, new approach to the fight
Adopting humans as tools in your warfare
Boko Haram, Alqaeda that’s a couple
Your new device, people turned against people
In this fear fare you seem to be thriving well
The terror is what a mortal tongue can’t tell
Our human feeble hearts are shrunken
Our castle of courage, broken
Our faith, maimed to a token
Our core has been shaken
Our scars stay open
There’s no healing
We are doomed
Every night i re-live that nightmare again
When men in black clothes and hoods did rob  my house 
From their shadows i counted eight with disdain
In a corner cowering like a scared mouse
I hear my screams, blade flashes, before my eyes
Disshevelled i watched as they spook me with lies
With every ounce of her will  my mama prayed
I still remember how her frail lips sashayed. 
I panick every time it is dark
My heart crippling with pangs of fright
Every night thesame ordeal
Stones my thoughts with horned spikes
I know that road well
It leads to hell
Reeks of fear

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