Soft Kisses
Before this altar, I will nail this same word,
on this tabernacle you will see me glow
into the prince I am with my shield and sword.
I will fetch your scent from the waters of low-
hills, and pull out the texture of love you hoard.
Then I will sink my lips deeper but quite slow,
until the poison steals my life away too.
So I consummate our death, laying with you.
You shall not die, for my kiss shall wake
the life in you, for this King’s sake.
When we have children later,
they will know what binds us
for it is deeper
than mere holding.
Soft kisses
hold us
True – Rudolph
What do we know about love in soft kisses?
Does inner mystery tend this denial? 
Do i remove the portrait this heart misses? 
Or let my potion sink safe down your vial? 
Arraign me,  I’m guilty; judge me with your lips
Assume a King Whip’s stool,  leave a thousand whips
Come kiss this one picture, come wear many frames
Come see the beast,  to feed what your senses tames.
Colors mellow , come leave this stick’s shape
On my collar to remember 
One glass, two nights, two people
One thought, one sweat, warm breath
Found on that table
Of innocence 
On your mark
Guilt. – Leon
Roam my body free with soft kisses, soft lips
Take me with you on a roller coaster ride 
Let your hands love me with your smooth finger tips                                
Set me up on fire, to burn up deep inside 
Let your words kindle soft quivers like a  rose
Write me a love letter, read me like a prose
In the whispers from your lips, I long to lust                           
In the hollow of your mouth, I long to thrust
Bring me a rose, a different shade
From your garden, sharpen your blade
And when the night does awake
To be lost there in your
Sweet and warm embrace
A Soft tongue race                        
Lips, Nibbling
Slow, soft
When I caressed your beautiful words on lips
Thou gave my soul into your depraving lies
Lo,knew you would betray me,Judas in hips
For the third time,tried to welcome sacred ties
Am a human laid across some wooden plus
Nails pierced my bone,was told not a sinful cuss
Died, buried thieves were levied into angels vest
You Judas,receiving pangs of devil’s best.
Some have engaged in kisses of death
Comes in disguise with lullabies
One candle in the dark room
This Judas won’t tell you
Since his lips are soft
Like  baby’s butt
You give in
Thoughts.-Rachel Charles
Lately I’ve been dreaming of your soft kisses
Light as a butterfly’s gentle eerie touch
Lip to lip, your breath holds my heart’s promises
Hold me closely with kind eyes, love me as much
Plant me Kisses embedded with fresh rose scent             
Lock your lips tight with mine till my heart grows faint
Let it burn my soul slowly like liquid fire
Lingering in its tresses, filled with desire.
A slight brush of your lips on my own
Laced with neon lights, sparkly bright
Soft touch that sends sweet shivers
Simple and innocent
birth of temptation
Eager to taste
and lay hearts
Lips of a rose tenderly whispers a kiss
Making this Rock hardened by mean weather melt
Dazed in fog of rare blissful moments as this
Trying to decipher the engravings spelt
Realizing that which has been so long amiss
That Midas touch he has, never before, felt.
Amidst the ash of the bliss of ignorance
Clarity slapped him so hard in an instance
Let dead leafs savour the Lips of dew
Make them believe in life anew;
Their old wish for death eschew.
Erase all gloom and blue
Passion be renewed
Love’s wine be brewed
Make love bloom,
Rose’s lips
A Virgo once dreamt she was a butterfly. 
Defining paper miseries in painting. 
We light up skies, funny right we ain’t firefly. 
Lips fading and faking touch but heart panting. 
You’re over mine and mine over yours I know. 
Hot air balloons after that much, none’s to blow. 
We are based on a book none of us thought ’bout. 
Couple my breasteses and lips in your mouth.
Tender kisses pretty cold old lips. 
You are so zealous but untrue. 
Whilst wasting our unused time. 
Soft but do flirtatious. 
Hearts and clubs in games
No me no you
Faint kisses
On each’s 
lips. -Hypermind
Forehead to forehead privately conversing
Giving the nose room to merge and become two
Before our lips ,lean on each other saying
The Eyes looks closed,but it feels the things we do
Tell me,I want to know how this feeling feels
As your words you dress in lovely frock and heels
Flaunting their worth to the ones who are worthy
For to be worthy,is not for the wealthy
Smooch me if your words to me are true
Softly for we will exchange vows
Kisses and oaths,through same pike
As they fuse into one
Eyes speaking through lips
As my facial
Speaks through 

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