Moon Eyes
This damsel that sits against my thoughts that stands,
with the sceptre of my emotions glowing.
I seek your face, so you hold me by the hands,
that binds our pen in the stream that is flowing.
The stone on my chest may loose it’s homely light,
but please my dear, don’t leave when it’s almost night.
This poem would have ended short with one verse,
I have more words for your beauty in my purse.
Did I tell you about those mornings?
When night wouldn’t leave my comfort.
Those trying, horror moments
when silence came and stole
my sun without skies.
I always knew,
you were here
with moon
Eyes – Rudolph
I see eyes above these clouds,  seething blue eyes
I see moonless stars connecting fading lights
Revealing this Ally cat of raging size
Protecting to live,  defending tiny bites 
His will proving true for you if you would let
His action shows his choice is with no regret 
As dawn decides it has the right to come now
Leave your eyes to admit as we make this vow
So when two began to look at two
Then It wasn’t just me and you
Far across the thorny view
The Doe and Deer did too
As you fall asleep 
Wake up to read
My nonet
To you
Chu… – Leon 
Oval slits, bright focal points, dreamy, cool, calm                      
Stories told, silent secrets held in her palm        
Darkness, heart heavy, cold; needy of a hold
Pain makes it rain on her parade, leaves her cold 
Windows to a soul troubled by a dark  cloud
Words deserted, hope neglected, she’s not proud
Moon eyes tell tales high to depths of  a black tide 
Although she’s known at night, she has a bright side
I want to look through your moon lit eyes
Only in the night, dark or bright       
Yes, the times when your heart cries       
Arms round you holding tight            
Watching fireflies 
Just you and I 
Soar like
Peal away the moon and clouds from the night’s sky
Find therein a tender sun waiting in line
Patiently waiting it’s birth’s time to come by
Behold your world encroaching straight into mine
Peering pair of eyes seeking our lives to pry
Even when this horse ride is ours, mine and thine
Let’s make their hearts cry tears till they grow sad
While, in the pure colours of rich stars, we clad
Let me curdle with your eyes and smile
Let the moon and stars bear witness
Love has been sown on these hearts
Let passion pour down rain
Till we grow rich green
Pearls in the sun
Shining bright
Don’t fret
The sun gives way as you come through with your light.
Candles burn out, your light lit up every home.
While mortals lay to rest, the birds sing all night.
I hope my lines reach you, can’t get through on phone.
Look to see your reflection upon these Lakes.
You never blink those eyes, whatever it takes.
Enjoy the spotlight, every night is your time.
Shrewdly I speak, I’ll wait patiently for mine.
We cruised the metro beneath blue skies,
Talked about dreams to reach those heights 
On this same night, lovers meet
Little ones they create 
Bright lights from the moon 
Slowly it fades.
Reach home safe
See you
Soon. -Fifteey
Honestly I would love to write you so much. 
And read through our lovely sad moments all thru. 
Having much sense of me humor is a touch. 
Hoping honesty’s genetically true. 
I would love to be sincerely very plain. 
Hurting hearts, aching mind ’bout jumping off train. 
Ssshhhhh alot of games are played just for blame sake. 
Blood is thicker than water, what else’s at stake.
Honesty isn’t so genetic
Push it over and let’s get burnt. 
Get far from responsible
Let’s draw strength less it’s hard. 
Can not regret much
Pretty eyes yes
Fine as wine
But it’s 
Lies. Hypermind
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