With a birthday memoir of you
age becomes rain less on skies blue.
Descending turn, stick upon stick.
As I construct walls, brick by brick,
this bolection can be construe.
Halfway through Tenth, the avenue 
you saw Twelve boys wearing one shoe.
Mum was 22nd to click,
with a birthday memoir.
28 words don’t have a clue
when 5 and 8 becomes so new.
31st March should burn the wick
as December does by to flick
Have I forgotten how I grew
with a birthday memoir?-Ruddapoet
Today you are you. Truer true.
Nowhere like now youer than you.
From this bright celebration day
May every good thing dog your way
And be caption of all you do.
Blessings on you like morning dew
Joys and happiness. Success too.
Remember whate’er comes your way,
Today you are you
Let mountains stand tall stark in view.
Valleys of doom say how d’you do?
Whatever lies across the way
Of gloom of night or bloom of day
The gift that you are, always new.
Today you are you. -Seun
Birthdays will surely come and go
Same way the ocean waters flow
Daily, time turns us older still
A cycle we must all fulfil:
Earthlings,  seedlings,  us beings and co.
To birthdays that I’ll never know
If it winters, please kindly snow
If it doesn’t,  wait for the thrill
Birthdays will surely come.
A birthday is a mistletoe 
Healing,  ‘herbing’ me really slow
Give birthdays to those who are ill
They heal faster than any pill. 
To past birthdays I’ve missed so so
Birthdays will surely come. – Leon. 
Happy birthday Vee. All is set
Ready to take off like a jet
Cake, wine, and some good songs to play
With its wave let your heart swing, sway
Poetry we must now forget.
For the hullabaloo we’re prêt
Today we’ll treat you like a pet
Just play is all we do today  
Happy birthday Vee
Leon may take you out, I get
You’ll end up in a mentor’s net
“Let me take you” Rudolph may say
With poems he’ll drive the whole day gay
It looks like Tee is your safe bet. 
Happy birthday Vee~ Tee2emm
Birthday,a day to remember
For this day we mark calendar
Only occurs once in a year
Gathering peeps from far and near
Showers of gift like December
Swimming in joy,like a river
With Complex songs like bebopper
Dropping in my ears loud and clear
Grub Grub,saying no to hunger
Wine all round makes you a bibber
Taking you back to yesteryear
To the past vee just gave a spear
She was younger,but now older
Birthday.- Bangwan
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