Dear Africa, you’ve made me proud.
You awoke to dust off the shroud-
That fed the blood that wed our sand.
Today we stand by your command.
To speak from earth, to rage the cloud
Our tears Watered the soils we ploughed,
Forced on our knees to pray, we bowed.
We sipped rain, the sweat from your gland
Dear Africa
No more shall we follow the croud.
Success whispered can still be loud.
The days of loss shall we remand,
To live like birds shall we demand.
This freedom creed MUST be allowed.
Dear African- Leon
Africa is the page of blacks,
black hearts, black gods, black thoughts in sacks.
My father’s pride, my mother’s eye.
A dark continent, Malcom’s sigh,
a “misconcepted” home for hacks.
54 children, all with marks
of history embedded tracks.
We still live, even when we die
Africa is the page.
Our hearts were the walls for the cracks
of hieroglyphs and words were snacks.
Sometimes the white birds come to spy,
perching from trees and see through nigh.
They call us slow with heads that wracks. 
Africa is the page – Ruddapoet
Africa, do not cry nor morn,
Your days of contempt soon be gone,
All your suffering and anger,
Pangs of pain,betrayal, hunger,
After the storm, you will be born,
Politicians give sacks of corn,
Elected, leave us in forlorn,
Our fate bend our knees to prayer,
Africa, do not cry.
In limbo we wait for the dawn,
Broken, deprived, yet we adorn.
Our dreams crippled by their whisper.
They never want us to prosper,
Wis, Africa will be reborn,
Africa, don’t cry.- Hijab Gurl
Africa blind to her powers
Begs strength behind her strong towers
She settles dumb amidst the throng
To watch while others march along
Under lying shroud she cowers.
Fox, he seeks the lion’s powers
Qui’t strength trades for superpowers
In overstretch finds evensong.
Africa blind.
Garden your plants. Tend your flowers.
Let industry help count your hours
Enterprise makes short of hours long.
Soon you will sing the reaper’s song.
Darkness your blindness empowers
Africa blind. -Seun
Mother Africa, you seem pale
Your strong bones and fist have gone frail
Your future is out of focus
Made blurry by these days chaos;
Constant turmoil from which you ail
I see you clinging to life’s tail
Determined, to live and not fail
To rewrite her, now, smeared status
Mother Africa
Dangling back and forth her life’s scale
Reflecting the wealth whence she hail
Flawed leadership has brought her thus
Her state, future depends on us
We must now seek, find her lost Grail
Mother Africa. ~ Tee2emm.
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