Wake Up, Son!
This son of mine must learn to shine
To take a leap, to cross a line
For only then can gain be sought
And laziness will out be blot
To put to sleep this sorry whine
If one of mine can grape my vine
And make to taste the sweetest wine
The job is done and that he ought
This son of mine.
So wake up idle; heed the sign
For you were made in my design
So you can sketch more than a dot
And gold to you they shall allot
To prove, to know, to show your sein
This son of mine.-Leon
Son of my mother, I bid thee
Restrain of will, let it thee free
Abominable acts of shame
Living should never be a game  
Resist the devil, let him flee
Do not eat from the Apple tree
You are not Adam, don’t agree 
So,Truth and lies may seem the same
Son of my mother.
Who makes honey and stings; a bee
Who holds branches and birds; a tree
I burn, I am light like blue flame
I torch, I hurt, you are to blame     
Son of my mother. – Hybrid.
The dawn has come. Awake my son.
Get up. Gird up. March on. March on.
Night comes on fast with silent blast.
Soon dreams and plans will all be past.
Wake up my son. Wake fast. March on.
Sweet is the sleep but please get on
Or soon you’ll find the game’s not won
And though you fast the past is past.
The dawn has come.
Choose not vain blindness it is con
That rests on you like blinding ton.
The common bonds would hold you fast.
Reject their call. Don’t take their cast.
The dawn has come. -Seun
Open your eyes son, I beg please,
leave all you know behind to freeze.
This is not the moment or hour.
Death shall not make my life so sour.
I know the wound pains, but don’t wheeze.
The bombs we survived didn’t lease
you into eternity, cease
from sleep, move out of that tower.
Open your eyes.
Salvation should come and not seize
one more time, let life be the breeze
and make my faith not to cower.
Wake up son, show them our power.
Tell them it’s a lie, we too tease.
Open your eyes – Ruddapoet
Lazy baby whispers, you mine. 
Let’s break loose free and drink up wine. 
In this sleeping race I can’t win.
Not lost but cause I can’t be seen. 
Rise not for peace sake but to shine.
Wake up lazy rejected swine. 
Grapes are falling off from your vine. 
Confess and let’s let go of sin. 
Last baby whispers.
Wake up son,begone it’s past nine. 
You are just an apple; no pine. 
Schools out already see the Dean. 
Heart, little holes seem from a pin. 
Don’t keep me longer stay in line. 
Lazy baby wisphers.  Hypermind.
It is a minefield, tread with care
This lonely desert we must fare
Seek, you will find what joy there is
Beyond barren lands, hills and seas 
Persist till time’s torch makes all bare
Fall, but to rise, son, you must dare
Opportunities are so rare
Ça c’est la vie mon petit fils
It is a minefield
Guard your life for it has no spare
Listen for silence’s sound ablare
Therein lies serenity; peace;
The moments you must never miss
Devoid of this life’s crazy scare
It is a minefield. ~ Tee2emm
Lo,handsome Son have you agreed
To wenches who are full of greed
wake up boy and smell the coffee
Give heart to your skill and a fee
Shall harness problems that may breed
Settle with one Is my wish creed
Go and multiply I decreed
Caress temptation for thou see
Lo,handsome Son
No regrets, no shameful deed
Say less to bants on social feed
Thirsty souls some turn honey bee
Legs,faster than a train thou flee
Surrender weapons erst thou bleed.
Lo,handsome son.-Rachel Charles
Life isn’t a sprint, take your time,
Spread love and joy, it costs no dime,
Pull yourself through, be good or bad,
Always be happy, don’t be sad,
Mess will be thrown, make it  a prime
This life you see is not a mime,
Don’t worry if you have no dime,
Wake up, work, pray, you will be glad,
Life isn’t a sprint,
We all run our course, do not mime,
Take your time son, late is no crime
Don’t end up living like a cad
With time your face will be on ad.
Uphold your price; wait till it’s time
Life isn’t a sprint.-Hijab Gurl

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  • leon

    May 20, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    Well done, guys!


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