Ashes To Ashes

I know this house can grow your fear
And cause your heart to wear and tear 
But what this means it seems unfair
A room at night to feed despair
Ashes for ashes; no dust to clear.
When what is far can draw you near
But keep away a friend so dear
To seal the urge to foot the fare
I know this house.
She said for love she’d prick my ear
I saved that word,  not merely mere
And then she sang a song of scare
What is left of this strand of hair
Are memories lost to last year
I know this house. – Leon
This earth we came from dust we blown
Heavenly attire,man sown
More naked leaves costumed his day
For dust we shall return first May
It be all as one,white dark grown

His finger nails moulded my throne
Ghastly rodents got men out thrown
Truthful soul is,we shall decay
This earth we came,

Deliciously bury grey bone
Sinful nature in awe atone
Grace era,Lord’s prayer we spray
Men in black they begin to pray
They laid golden box to mud cone
This earth we came-Rachel Charles

To this shallow life make no claim
We are journeying whence we came
Everything here’s a grand charade
Life and dead both the same hands made
Wild ambitions are for the tame
Set for the kill at precise aim
All excuses are tagged lame
Its a compulsory parade
To this shallow life
This life is a tragic brief game
Yes we play it but it does maim.
Staring into this cute cascade;
Clouds of life and dead, we’re a glade.
The dance changes, the song stays same
To this shallow life. ~ Tee2emm
Ashes to the ground, all said twice.
My soul is been shuffled like dice.
I laid still as your offering.
Bad photography imaging .
Bed of roses but still it’s lies

Our soul is been in much tries.
Pointing fingers, which is shut thrice.
If only you was my ending.
Ashes to the ground.

All over again we got ply’s.
Me Isaac, you Abraham’s slice.
My tender heart is your landing .
To slaughter or preserve blending .
Kiss me one time ‘fore time fly’s.
Ashes to the  ground. – Hypermind.
Wherefore our hearts burn till its bare?
Despite these words may sit in here.
Good and evil, which one is doom?
In this place, ashes fill the room.

Conscience eats and forget it’s heir,
leaving those homes with less of care.
Shall I invite a god and zoom?
Wherefore our hearts burn?

Ghosts shall be consumed from the rear,
dusts of this kind shall soon be rare.
When they die, laughter should be loom,
until the clock keeps ticking; boom
Then death comes in and we all dare.
Wherefore our hearts burn?-Ruddapoet

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