Can my words be more than a few?
To make lines longer than paint blue? 
To truly write and be amused? 
Without fear of being accused? 
Can i love more than a Rondeau?
I write but don’t know for who
My laces seem far from this shoe
To describe might i say bemused?
Can my words be more?
Look what a Rondeau make me do
Limit my words from ten to two 
Now some are left so much confused 
To write again they have refused 
I seek the end of a Rondeau 
Can my words be more?- Leon
A poem for you, try and sort
While I find glory in a gut.
Even tried being a romantic, 
In vain words of a ballistic,
You trim my emotions, words cut
Tell me what you like in this thought
When in France, my butt becomes hot.
Shall I write on the Atlantic
A poem for you
8 syllables are all I bought
With few rhymes, no if’s only but
Words sweet, and are so fantastic,
As it also becomes eccentric.
Come here cherié so we can cut
A poem for you – Ruddapoet
Rondeau, oh Rondeau, few in word
It’s like using mics with bad cord;
Tell of the world in words too few
This is certainly something new
One syllable lands in discord
When did words grow dear to afford
The ghosts just made a new record
The breeze of world war Z just blew
Rondeau, oh Rondeau
When the poem cops don’t concord
Good thing? They still provide a ford
Tweak and tie or loosen your screw
But off it all, my feathers grew
To describe  Rondeau in one word
Rondeau, oh Rondeau. – Tee2emm
Rondeau Rondeau,it’s only sad
Panicking poets ask you glad?
I hate how I obey ruler
Poet limited drives uber
Dont cage me like a woman pad
I searched for freedom!oh my Gad
Express craze talent am no Cad
To thirsty words that are purer
Rondeau Rondeau
You made me baddest,badder,bad
Poets sit spraying money card
More exposed to art am lurer
Shop syllables call thy Laura
The explorer,I say bye dad.
Rondeau Rondeau-Rachel Charles
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