Happy Home
Dine with love, say grace and not pain
as nostalgic air comes with rain.
Gravy moments slip through as ray
while chicken bones are left on tray.
It’s me, Mum, Ruby, Bob and Jane.
Sundays like this, makes me so lain,
as we wait, everyone is insane,
blue flame lit the pot, so it fray.
Dine with love, say the grace
There’s a joke said about protein
we laugh and cry, not all is vain.
Not sorrow tried to even stray,
on this story, with home’s spray. 
It’s just a poem, smile again.
Dine with love say the grace!-Ruddapoet
Laughter was the crown of each day
Bitterness was always at bay
Mama’s frail shoulders, the pillar
Our bridge over seas the river
Her heart must be where beauty stay
The sun did shine brighter our way
But of course, mom’s the price to pay
She broke her back for her sons; daughter
Laughter was the crown
Chomo knew the right things to say
And the boys knew when it’s time for hay
No one dared, on his chores, falter
Soon Christmas was at the corner
There’s always a cost to defray
Laughter was the crown. – Tee2emm
Home will return this song in me
For all the world to hear and see
Though neighbours lie to join the show
Bearing such gifts they didn’t owe
With boring jokes to taste our tea
Home as melody sets us free
Puts cubes of sweet in our coffee 
And should we stray as old we grow
Home will return
For peace and war cannot agree
That we found such without a fee
To make these feet go faster so
A place to make your darkness glow
So when we seem to too far flee
Home will return – Leon
The trees clapped at sounds of Joy
Greatness betrayed men of coy
Who refused to sink their holy pride
Crafting their failure hands aside
For such men,iota of boy.

Mama spoke! Grace by his alloy
Happy home sacrificed, deploy
Let no poison give a rough ride
The trees clapped

Woe unto wenches who waist soy
Instructions to side bridals toy
No cheating cheetahs,mission bride
facilely rejects mansion chide
Sacred ties,she readily joy
The trees clapped –Rachel Charles.

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