Let this face kiss a grain of sand
As i fall to one knee from these rains’ beating
Dance like a child moulding mud castles with his hands
Find a princess to live with me therein.  
Today belongs to the meek
Happiness we have if you seek- Leon
Night as day,lids on brinks of dreams
Breath, afraid to breath holding on to fits of air
Angels whisper as ordered like pots from the kitchen
I awake to a waking world of miracles
To bright open meadows and second chances
Mountains of grace, a new beginning.-Joy
Yesterday is expended
Tomorrow is a luxury no one has ever had
Like the fantasies of a young kid
Today is a package wrapped exquisitely
There’s no knowing what lies within
Unless we unwrap it; It’s a gift of life and death; two-in-one. – Tee2emm
Today, I found a voice to say 
Nay, to all my guilt and shame
Took agony out of the frame
I snatched destiny’s cane
A paintbrush it became
I got colors on every page-Hybrid.
Today is Sunday. 
Sabbath caused by resurrection. 
Not held down in Hades. 
Christ the ultimate essence. 
Life taken just to be given again. 
Today says it all.- Hypermind
To yield or not to today
last night or morning away!
Sunshades, seasons and all
Time has lost track of me
This day lusts for me
yearns for my surrender! – OracLe
Yesterday gone, 
With its pains,sorrows and anguish,
Today, a fresh start,
Not repeating yesterday’s mistakes,
Living and not existing,
Striving, with expectations and hope for a better tomorrow.-Hijab gurl
If tomorrow will ever smile on us
Then today is all we have to live
If love has no time or age,  then our souls are old as earth
Do not wait till tomorrow 
Kiss me now,  in my prime,  marry me today
And our children shall bare your name my love.-AP
Today, a day far from Hades
Let’s live like lost souls
Giving ourselves to heavenly goals
Let’s nurture our wages
For The creator is clothed with praises
Today a day far from Hades.-Rachel Charles
There comes a bride
full of passion and birth
naivety smells her rosy gown
with heels healing her pride.
Only now do I see the emotions
sinking deep into a new curve – Ruddapoet
Let’s cuddle this day
For it is all we have
Let’s make this one count
For we’ve lost count
Opportunity visits once
Today let’s visit once- Bangwan

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