Love, no strings attached
Praise for your celestial poise,
Rocky interlace of familial tribes
Outstretching embrace of peace
To all who would please
we came in pursuit of living waters
We remained, finding wandering wonders
We have found a faraway home
A place to rest our days
The land is green, streams are clean
sons agile, daughters fertile
I salute you Savannah Jewel
you are healing rays
Beautiful Plateau
you are a faithful sun- OracLe
Tis of love i write, 
The love on whose shoulder Romeo died
As the potion poisoned the pulse of his might 
And led two to sleep where love didn’t reside. 
But for Eva the eaves did fall too freely,
Two drinks and a bottle shared.
Sober,  the dance was over too quickly-
Her breath away was taken on her bed. 
The sheets were torn in this musical one, 
Fur elise played along. 
Her heart was tied to this forlorn fun
But his ended in the song. 
Tales that are made from love’s token
Have the strings in their major chords broken. – Leon
The oracle said the god didn’t allow this story fade,
when darkened love evolved from the burning heart.
As it hovers the tint depth of my night apart
and later stole the sole of my walking dreams with what it made.
The curtain; hanging over dusted books titled ‘the rope that bade’ 
with a Hero’s song sung – tied to wield a frowning might.
Deep in my soul, I dipped in to soar words ending with a sad fight,
maybe I should stop, these mortals won’t understand this love tale.
They won’t know about brown roses, a purple altar, a red ruby-ring and a Preist.
Of how silence is something tensed and stale.
Let the pews of my stomach hold you ransom with a hail,
after communion plates still bakes love without yeast.
Sometimes I laugh those moments our chains shouted bail,
cause I heard rice will soon be done and hunger won’t make you pale- Ruddapoet
Held captive in my own imaginings
This beauty for which thrones are traded
Even the sun bows in the West in worship.
Gems and pearls are precious but cannot be equated
I yearn to watch you like a portrait on the wall
Hypnotized into the reality of my fantasy
Standing tall where princes crawl
Watching suitors pride humiliated for reasons too flimsy
No eye discerns her wrongs nor rights
In her beauty both seemed the same
Yet she treaded stripped of pride
To her beauty making no claim
But for the womb that bore us both
I am no fit for the love I got. – Tee2emm
To you,this story of love i tell.
Knew her since i was three.
Met her officially in grade THREE.
Looks attractive and nice,though mama called her misery.
Gave me gift of happy moments mama called lust.
Pictures of her I make from my pencil mama called love making.
She appreciates seeing herself in pencil,so I kept making love,happy.
She is a great singer,so all I do is listen to love songs.
Sweet without sound,sweeter with sound.
But i Kept her away from the strings of my guitar.
Allowing her to make the natural sound.
Happy moments left us,when she couldn’t spend a night with those strings of mine.
Love started cuddling hard feelings,immediately I said,
It is just we,no strings attached.-Bangwan
I welcomed home again a discarded fate. 
And fell before my own feets like a dead breath. 
But now I learn. 
You are cool but now wise. 
I was a fool but you are not wise.
How can I learn from you I don’t see how. 
He said I was fair but in a little purpose not clear. 
I believed him not because he loves me. 
But because he believes in me. 
He can’t blame me for being red not blue. 
I can give everything to change the past. 
But at least I learnt more than what he thinks he knows. 
Go see the world for yourself. 
Thought you was love, but no strings got attached. Hypermind
A little of this topic i know.
Guess we have to learn when we grow.
How can you rehearse what you cant define?
Probably we turned our emotions far from its original design.
So, we can tell when our feelings are sincere?
True love usually hit us unaware.
Hey, am not sure if this will make the stare clear. 
Cause am an amateur in love and am not immune to fear. 
Am not always this brave.
Especially in trying to seek for that which i crave.
Please, am not bargaining for a relationship.
If you permit, i’ll work so hard to make us reach courtship.
Beautiful you are. And its JUDHA whom your beauty did attract. 
Let me love you… with no strings attached.-NORTHPRIEST JUDHA.    

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  • leon

    May 14, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    It gets better with length.


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