Working Man
The chart on his palm are a guide
For many accomplished and lazy pending 
His broken feet are a glass slide
Reflection of his face with sweats from fending.- Leon
I know a man who gets bored easily
I won’t call him a working man necessarily
Except when it came to women and planting his seeds 
From what he sows though he definitely would reap – Sam
Sweat and blood soaked into the ground
Your dreams chase like slave masters
Look beyond the fields, step out the cage
A freshly dug grave, a resting place for minimum wage- Joy
Him shoe don chop alignment
Him pocket never still see the dividend
Him wife and children still dey house dey wait for that one square meal
To be a man no be pikin trade. – Tee2emm
A full plate of food is so much to be afforded. 
Aggression gets often transferred. 
Burying the same time in work all day. 
The minimum wage offer is so maximum that it has to be delayed. Hypermind

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