Dear Daughter
I wish I could keep you from growing
Thus, keep you from being hurt or heart broken
But daddy is a mere mortal still striving to understand
So grow up child and live, taste all of life’s deals, just be wise as you choose. – Tee2emm.
Dear Daughter,
Of all the lovers you will find
Dad won’t be the sweetest one
Your husband would try in soul and mind
But your mum remained when your loving dad was gone- Leon
Dear Daughter,
Only you and no other
My love for you won’t waver
You’ll teach and be taught
Every little act of love…-Hybrid
Dear daughter. 
One two is many a secret. 
Feed your soul love and peace. 
And you will stay true. Hypermind
Dear Daughter,
They will like you in skimpy dresses
Decorate their looks with icing
Remember, sweet words are deceiving. – Bangwan
Dear Daughter 
Tis the bond that ties me and your mother,
that has given you us as freedom.
Be free sweet emerald, and I’ll always be there to tie your shoe laces – Ruddapoet
Dear Daughter
When the lustful wind blow
Remember that it’s a love shallowed
When the suitor comes knocking,
Love will cherish your garden Beneath.-Rachel Charles
Dear daughter, I wish you grow up fast but slow
Be nothing of me but everything of yourself 
Watch my lids suck every fury of life
But act not the same rage,  for you’re nothing like your mother… AP
Dear Daughter
We would bask in the halo of sunlight
and share stories 
the shadows would grow tall 
while we route through vine sheds and grazing fronds- free- Bash Amuneni
I hope when you see me I’m pointing past the sky
I hope in me you see love’s seed saying live or I’d rather die.
And know this sweet girl of mine for it’s my pledge to you
To be the best that I may be for the best you can be.-Seun
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