Aspiration & Destiny
For fate is a fair fortune, 
Often ripped by amorous ambition. 
Shall destiny decide hope soon, 
Luck leisures to lure in precision. 
Chance may choose crafted cells, 
Where dreams meet for future to end. 
Fate is a fair fortune; pointing to will’s bend. – Leon
On this podium did his fortune unfold
told in a hope – bottled sentence, in a sea of luck.
Chance met his table served and said ‘fate’.
Red wine purging down his neck in dreams,
we sat in robes of desire, in a distant like the future.
Ambition should choke, happiness shouldn’t tickle his belly to laugh,
As we all wore preparedness, so his story becomes us -Rudolph 
Many things the end say
That shouldn’t be said by destiny and fate
Chance and fortune look like chefs
Only after all is set
Luck keeps its vagrancy from eyes and hands unprepared
The end is what you make of all your victories and missteps.
So you may leave destiny and fate outside of all your dreaming.
Luck, fortune, chance off meet with those who turn dreaming to doing. -Seun

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