Your scattered smiles I miss,Not too long too long this world you don’t belong
Up above your abode
Took a bow from earth below
Secure a throne from the ‘heavenlies’,As a queen you will forever remain.-Rachel Charles
Standing before this mirror of memories
Seeing your lows and valleys, highs and mountains
Those, you confronted with a countenance always as fresh as a Rose’s blossom
Mama, you conquered all, we are the testimony. – Tee2emm
There’s more to dying, 
After one twenty or less years of good or bad living!
Dear Willow, the tears have not come.
I doubt they will come!- OracLe
The first note you ever sung in my ears
the moan of a blinded wood against the barking darkness
Tis so gone, so much gone Garnet!
my fingers wish to find holes where she would always rest to strum – Rudolph
I wish I could have moments of you captured in living pictures
So I could gape into your soul, savour every sweetness within
I wish you gave me time to grow, to behold the light in your eyes
But wishes are all I have left,  preserving vague memories of you.  I miss you dad...-AP
What once was, 
We held hands and walked shores 
Time like wind dry tears but big shoes you left to fill
These are memories I sleep on till heartbeat comes to still – Fifteey
In the dark of the night. 
The air with you Teema seemed so thicker. 
Sisters more than friends we shone like the light. 
If only you let me say bye before your last breathe. –Hypermind
They’d never plant again. 
On this farm,  love was sewn where death found dew. 
These waters fall from eyes and hit this earth like grains
The harvest too few,  the laborers too. – Leon
Gone. Gone. Gone with time and space
All I’ve got of you is the memory of your face
Those afternoon walks and the talks we should have had
I’ll wobble and hop a while now that you are gone. -Seun
You dey house? Wetin you cook? 
You know I love you, why can’t we be more than friends?
His smile infectious, sense of humor? Out of this world. 
Maybe she refused dating him cos his end was near. His memory she’ll forever cherish.-Hijab gurl

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