Old Friends
I’ve lost the spirit to write anymore 
You never answer the knock on your door
How do I recognize an old friend’s face
If they were never friends in the first place-Sam
One, two shots gone down. 
It’s a long summer.
Still here in the same bar in town. 
Old friends are family forever.- Hypermind
I always said our spirits knew
We were young and old 
From afar and near I loved you
You built with what you were dealt-Joy 
That log is starting to grow grasses
The full moon has grown lonely
That orchestra of crickets and frogs has gone rusty
The abandoned evening shrine of old friends. – Tee2emm
Oh Dr Sam
I’ve got this rampage on my face
All procurement has brought no change
Allergies’ been treated even proposed hormonal imbalance included
Still no improvement. Got any medical sandpaper cos I have had it up to here. -Hybrid
Thoughts come, thoughts go, yours remain.
Friends come and go, the mind remains.
You’re the new, the old, you’re one true friend.
Don’t need a frame to keep your image firm in my heart. – Silvia.
Old friends are like worn out clothings.
Ragged with the beating of rain and sunshine
Yet untorn, yet unsparkling as newly acquired ones
But surety of coverings lies in the fabrics beyond time – Desmond
We have come to a yesterday already, in bandages so sore,
from the pages of fights, laughter, smiles that we tore.
On my heart I feel heavy for the strangeness of gone I cannot outpour,
into ship we have sailed as friends so old like the earth’s core – Ruddapoet
Just yesterday I got the news,you bowing out of single hood
Now you leaving me with a terrifying scar
Yes a scar,the one I left when we ate pap and Akara
All the same I claimed super stars while my blood inks old memories,old friend.-Rachel Charles
I thought I knew you when we first met
Then got to know you once again.
We’ve been hitched four-score and ten.
There’s more to come for us old friend. -Seun
We would curse and play possum, 
Prank, lose and then hug with a fight. 
Make up and make bets to bring some sums
Crazy old friends; the bravest cowards if you might… – Leon
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  • leon

    May 11, 2016 at 4:31 am

    Beautiful stripes of truth


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