Ying yang, the twins. Gemini or not, playing hot  and cold, sometimes  she’s a female.
Answer: Hybrid
If I was a woman, would I be second or just an independent version of a poem?
Answer: Silvia
Don’t hurt me, don’t say mushy things with thorns, I could be sly and my words can make me fly.
Answer: Hypermind
I am a shadow of words, sweeter to female colors, ask me for a page and I will dip my quill into the cobweb of poetry
Answer: Decipher
Virtous woman who can find? it’s always hide and seek with me. Find me and i’ll give you a ruby each.
Answer: Prudence
I shall dive into this pool fathered by gods and murdered by words. I shall be king and god all by myself
Answer: Oracle
I am big brother, always watching, often stirring. The flies about me like a jar of honey for a sip of my peerless nectar, sometimes I play big sister too.
Answer: Leon
Hi, I can only watch and check, write, well not cheques. My poetry has dates, sometimes it paints me
Answer: Bash
I am victor, i  vanquisher. Oh where is my muse? Now words elude me and rubies beguiling
Answer: Rudolph
I am here, I am there, I am up I am down. I am a poet yesterday and a pen today. I don’t understand myself
Answer: Bangwan
I am inbetween a juxtaposing psalm. Knot in the fabric of poetry, sometimes i walk other times i stagger still i find the words straight or bent.
Answer: North
So I want to use this words to qualify my prose for coming up late and for not being in this state, check up state I rule your world like glo(w)
Answer: AP
Once upon a time
Is it okra or egusi?
He can’t  even pick
Answer: Tom
I will run but cause I think I glitter I can’t hide, I won’t talk, but cause I’m such a parrot I won’t shut. I am stone-hearted but soft as day.
Answer: Vera
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