Dear Daughter

Baby, I see karma in the distant with his debtors books
Daddy has dived depths without a look
Beware of them with broad jaws, broads grins and bulgy smiley eyes
Because I heard karma never waves debts – Tee2emm

Dear daughter,you are a city on a hill, an epitome of beauty.
You were made to be loved and not conquered don’t b afraid to be strong.
Life is measured by how much you give not receive.
Travel, fall in love,get broken, heal and don’t just exist…live-Joy

Dear daughter…
Love God and love man
Forgive your neighbour even when you can’t.
Find a close friend in prayer. – Dad

Dear daughter…
Love him or her
It or them, just love
Love because you can-Hybrid

Shredded sheets of stained memories
Loosely hangs on trampled territories
Bellowing nothing ears would comprehend
I met a letter covered in tears, written ‘oh mama’, wish it would have been ‘dear daughter’… AP

Dear Daughter,You’ve been best of friends
drawing and jumping lines on the ground
First kisses,Trust and heartbreaks
Still trust,sometimes friendships Summersaults with no expound-Bangwan

Dear daughter, stand on firm like an iroko
When his LUST’s eyes drools . . . Even unto mischief
Be patient like the bamboo’s childhood: for glory
For VIRTUE is heaven in a spindle of bliss.-Mala

Dear daughter
If I never have you.
Always remember that I prayed for you.
Prayed that a poet speaking oracles will come your way- OracLe

Dear daughter, if possible love only three men
The one that married your paternal  grandfather’s daughter
The one with whom you plan to have a son
And the one that becomes your son-Anre John

It’s freezing down here because every one is cold and shady.
Learn to be pretty, learn to make your own money.
Forget them boys, they just went to go down them jeans.
If only someone told me to be all these dear daughter. Hypermind

Dear Daughter…
Guard your loins, let no rod be found there in
Cherish chastity boastful bride
That should be your discipline –Rachel Charles

Original you are , be natural
Invest in your youth, it’s scriptural
Delighted i am cos these words are Steve’s
He said make-up will only prove you another eve-Northpriest

Poets are the best thing in life
If you ever want to love, love one
When you loose your way, read his proverbs.
He would know how to sing like Solomon and his name should be Rudolph – Rudolph

I love you beyond your imagination but God loves you more, strive to obey Him and always put Him first.
You are an incandescent, board-certified supermodel, know your worth and never settle for less.
Humility, kindness and modesty are better virtues than pride, arrogance and impudence.
And always remember, hard work never kills.-Hijab gurl

Farewell dear daughter for in my absence you shall read this
I have made a  crossbreed of cliches and caveats round your subconscious forget not to mate with it when i’m dust n bones
Forgive me for not introducing you to posterity officially
Now that you wear my shoes I’m sure you are acquainted… Love, Mum.-Prudence

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